April 02, 2004
Update from Me....

Well, since Sean updated, I guess I will post as well. Maybe this will start a trend!

No tales of Playboy or "gentlemen's clubs" from me, however.... :)

Things are going along well out here in Virginia. Work is ever changing and requiring a lot of my attention of late. It's review time and there have been significant management changes happening. A little stressful, but I've always taken change as an opportunity, not something to shy away from. I'm averaging about 50 hours a week right now, which is down a little from the 60+ a few weeks ago. It's a challenge to have a "normal" work life when you have 2 shifts to worry about. Just about the time when my first shift needs are ending, my second shift is coming on with their own requirements. It's all good, though. I really do enjoy what I do and can't say enough great things about my job. I really lucked out!

Homelife has been a little strained lately. John and I have been at odds on a couple of our "standard" issues with each other, that I won't go into a great amount of detail here. Like most couples occasionally do we are having temporary challenges communicating and listening. This to shall pass. John and I always like to say we are "midi" linked. As that is the case, it's just our connection that is temporarily having some static.

The kids are doing great! No illnesses or colds for over a week now (knocking on every piece of wood I can locate)......

Sebastian had a great birthday. We had about 12 kids and 6 parents at the party. It was the typical pizza, cake, pin-the-tail, musical chairs, pinata birthday party. Sebastian had a great time, and I think the kids enjoyed it as well. It was a good opportunity for us to "bond" with our neighbors, too, which was nice.

Keegan is doing better. He was sick for an entire week, which is not like him. He is back at school now and grumbling every morning about how he doesn't want to go. He, much like his father, is not a morning person. That's okay. Once he gets to school, he enjoys it. He's quite the social boy, with little girls just following him around. He's a great student and his teacher is alway just gushing about him. Hopefully this continues!

Madeline is such a character! She is just so funny sometimes. I refer to her as an attitude with two legs. Being the "princess" of the family, she often doesn't understand why she can't get everything she wants. She is definitely a typical youngest child. She's got the added only girl syndrome PLUS the "daddy's girl" thing going. It's great!

Okay, other then that....

Dogs are doing great. Puppies are growing leaps and bounds. They both are already over 50 pounds and as tall as Emma (Golden Retriever, for those of you trying to keep track!). They are chewers, as most puppies are, and are having some challenges housetraining, but it's getting better. We got the the gentle lead over the weekend to help with the training.

John and I went to see Nickel Creek in concert this week, which was incredible. It's amazing how talented these "kids" are. They were great. It was very entertaining and I would definitely not only see them again, but recommend everyone to go see them if they are in your area, even if you think you don't like bluegrass. They ROCK!

Enough, enough...John and I have a PACC event this weekend in Cheapeake on Saturday. I'm looking forward to my Sunday of nothing to do..... :)


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