August 17, 2007
long overdue update

Hola! So I thought I’d post, since it’s been awhile for me. Let’s see…..what’s new in our world?

Kids are all back to school now. Maddy started 2nd grade last week, Keegan started 4th grade and Sebastian started 8th grade. Whew! Still all three on different schedules at different schools. Ah well. So far so good! Even Keegan is enjoying school, which led both John and I to question “who are you and what have you done with our son?” Amazing what a new year and a fresh attitude will bring. Maddy’s circle of friends got a little split, with 2 of the group assigned to a different class. Boo! But, her “BFF” is still in the same class with her, and they are all able to hang out at recess. Keegan’s “arch enemy” was assigned to a different class this year, so he’s thrilled. This will be Sebastian’s first full year of homeschooling, so it will be interesting. John and I are teaming up this year on the program, so we can both share in the responsibility of working through 8th grade. The school that we use for the program is going through some internal struggles, but I am hopeful that it will not affect the support we receive from the school.

I start the first of 3 classes for Fall on Monday. It’s a “continuation” of my summer Algebra class. Why a continuation you may ask? Because I didn’t complete the coursework….so it’s a “do over.” The good thing is I only have to pay tuition on the class and am able to get an extension on the online curriculum. My other 2 classes don’t start until the end of September at another college. The reason for the switch is that this other college offers degrees in both Sociology and Psychology online and it is a quarter-based college. So, in theory, I should be able to get more classes in a school year with 4 quarters rather then just 3 semesters. I’m taking Cultural Anthropology and a counseling class there. I had to stop myself from adding another class, as I’m already taking the Algebra class, too. I have a bad tendency to overextend myself on classes. Depending on how my algebra class goes and the workload on the anthropology class, I may add one more later. We will see.

Friends and the “Cool Parents”

So, John and I find ourselves in the “cool parents” circle at Maddy’s school. It’s very strange. We get together and have potlucks and swimming parties and when the kids are dropped off are the parents who hang out and laugh and have fun. The first day of school, I noticed other parents looking at us with that look of “gee I wish I could be a part of that group.” It’s a real HOOT! We have a get together planned for tomorrow at one of the homes for drinks, BBQ and swimming. It’s so nice to have a social life! Within this group of friends, including tomorrow, we have 3 parties to attend in the next month. Crazy!

City of Heroes

Outside of our “real life” social life, John and I have spent an inordinate, some may even say unhealthy, amount of time of City of Heroes. It seems like we have an event scheduled most nights with our “supergroup” or coalition. It’s really quit fun! We’ve made friends with a lot of folks across the US, including Florida, Tennessee, Iowa, and Hawaii. We have Ventrilo, which enables those that have it to talk to each other. So picture this, John on the desktop on a headset and me in the bedroom on the laptop with a headset, talking to each other along with usually 4 or 5 other people. There have been times when we’ve been laughing so hard over the silliest things. Then there are times when will be discussing politics, religion or pop culture. In between all the talking, we’ll talk about the game and what we are doing. I know to some it sounds goofy, but we really enjoy ourselves and that, quite frankly, is all that’s important!

Let’s see, not much else to report.

Work is fine, commute is fine.

My grandmother is doing better, after a little bit of a health scare last month.

John’s mom will be heading down to San Diego for a few weeks.

We are planning a trip to Vegas for John’s 40th birthday in November.

Took the kids clothes shopping last weekend and got them all new clothes. Sebastian is now wearing a larger shoe size then me!

John and I both finished the Harry Potter book. He read it in a day, and I listened to it on my iPod over a course of 2 weeks. Good book.

That's all!

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