July 07, 2008
Update from Home!

Just thought I'd post a quick update on the happenings in the Silveria household. First and foremost....Keegan is doing great! He's gained weight, has had a healthy appetite (thanks to the Prednisone) and is in good spirits. He is really participating in the whole "getting better" process. Truth be told, John and I were a bit concerned about this, as Keegan has never been the most agreeable child. Don't get me wrong, he's a great kid, but very stubborn. Comes with the whole "gifted" package.....always thinks he knows the better way to do things. Keegan, however, has been willing to try new food (udon noodles, miso soup, sushi, even the dreaded tomato sauce), takes his many, many pills when needed, and has really had a positive outlook on the whole thing.

Unfortunately, the fun is just beginning. We decided, in consult with our Pediatric GI, to begin K on the more "aggressive" treatment. It's a immune suppressant called Remicade and can only be given intraveneously. So, it's back to the hospital on Thursday to begin his treatment. Recent studies have shown that if you start aggressively, there is a higher chance for a longer remission, which is our ultimate goal. Of course, there are some side effects risks, which are a little scarey, but there are risks with everything, really. I can't see keeping him on steroids long term, as those side effects are even worse. So the Remicade is our road we are going down.

So, what else is going on? Here's a brief summary....

HOME? We've found out that our landlord is behind on the mortgage of the house. Great. Of course found this out, right as Keegan was getting worse. Timing is a wonderful thing. We had just just started looking at our options and, on a whim, decided to apply for a loan for a home. What a great time to buy! We actually got approved, but have a few things to clear up on our credit report (less the $5k!) in order to get the best deal. We'll work over the next few months getting that cleared up and hopefully buy a house, before we are thrown out of this one. :)

MY JOB I was recently promoted to Sr. Manager, HR for my company. I was so excited, it's such a great opportunity for a great company.

SEBASTIAN & MADELINE They are both doing great. They've been real troopers this last month with us focusing on Keegan so much. Sebastian is a great big brother and has taken on more and more responsibilty. Madeline is still the princess and has her "diva" moments, but is just as cheerful and happy as always. They are having a great summer, so far.

Think that's about it!

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