July 13, 2008
Title? What Title?

Just wanted to post a quick update!

Keegan had his first treatment of Remicade on Thursday. We had to go to the Children's Hospital of Oakland to their outpatient wing. After a little discussion we decided to take Sebastian and Madeline so they could "experience" what Keegan goes through. We thought it would be about 2 or 3 hours. Of course, ended up being 5 hours. What a long day. We got there about 10:30 and talked to the nurse practitioner about all the ins and outs of the treatment. She was really nice and made us feel at ease about our decision to move forward with this treatment. They gave Keegan some Tylenol and Benedryl prior to beginning the infusion. Apparently, the Remicade can cause allergic reactions including itching so they give the Benadryl just in case.

It was really quite eye-opening being there, as we were in the Oncology/Hemotology area. This is where kids also get their chemotherapy treatment. Kids as small as two years old were there getting treatments. I just can't imagine. It really puts things in perspective. Although Keegan has what can be a serious ailment, with Crohn's, it's also completely manageable and treatable. What those other kids and families are going through is just a whole other level. Their courage and positive spirits is just amazing.

So as I said earlier, the whole treatment took about 5 hours. It was a very long time for the other two, so I think they will probably stay home when we go back on the 24th. Just too much for them to keep entertained. We were lucky enough to get a "room" in the treatment area, which was nice. They even fed the kids and gave Keegan a bag of activity stuff to do. So we'll see when we get the 24th what we will do.

So far, there have been no side effects from the Remicade. The steroids, however, are really kicking in. Keegan has a bit of the "moon face" that everyone talks about and has been obsessed with foods of all kind. We went to the farmers market on Saturday and he picked out some great vegetables. It's just so great to not only see him eat, but to see him willing to try so many different types of foods.

Other things going on......

- Brian and his wife, Danelle are preparing to have their first child literally any time now. They are expecting a boy, so by tomorrow I should have a baby nephew! I'm so excited for them!

- We finally got a Wii Fit, after searching high and low. The kids are really utilizing it. I'm hoping that they will continue, even after losing it's "newness." It's a great way for them to get some exercise, which has never been our forte as a family.

- Starting to focus back on getting some of our credit cleaned up so we can secure a loan for a new home. Our landlord has not communicated with us at all about the status of the home, but we know he's in arrears on the house. Getting more and more concerned about where we will end up, but we shall see. Ideally, we will get the loan secured and be in a position to buy our own home here in Tracy.

Think that's about it!

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