October 22, 2008
New Home and such.....

So, I thought I would post quickly before I go to bed. Things have been in such a whirlwind lately, I really haven't had time to do much besides stay upright. Quick rundown on things:

Home: John is doing an INCREDIBLE job on painting the inside of the house. It looks gorgeous. I can't wait to move in. Unfortunately, my job has kept me incredibly busy and I've only been able to help John out very minimally. We painted together on Saturday, did a massive Ikea shopping trip on Sunday and then it was back to work on Monday morning. Needless to say, John has been burdened with the wonderful task of getting the house ready for hopeful move in a week from Saturday. I can't wait!

Work: As stated above, work has been beyond busy. I literally have been leaving the house at 7 AM and not getting home until 7 PM, if I am lucky. Tonight I didn't make it home until 8:30 PM. Ugh. It's a good thing I like my job!

School: So with work being SO busy and the new home, I've had to drop two of my classes. Had I listened to John at the beginning of the quarter, I wouldn't have signed up for so many, but was delusional to think I could handle it all. Oh well....I'll catch up later, again.

Kids: The kids are doing good. It's a little stressful for them, between the new house and John being busy with the house and me being away so much, but they are doing good. Keegan goes in a week from Thursday for his 4th Remicade treatment. He's now off the Prednisone and is just taking his Asacol twice a day. There has not been any symptoms of Crohn's coming back, so we are quite happy. Unfortunately John did speak with his teacher today and apparently she's had some challenges with him and his behavior. Very much reminiscent of his prior behavioural issues. We are not sure if this is just his personality or if this is part of the Crohn's. Just seems very coincidental that he goes off his prednisone and a couple of weeks later he is having issues again.

Sebastian is doing great, too. Every once in awhile we get those glances of the "teenager" that he's become. Apparently some girl said hi to him at the supermarket today and he got all flustered. Then when they were talking about going to see High School Musical, he decided that no one would see him, so it would be okay and not embarassing. :)

Madeline is just as popular and social as ever and is constantly talking about her friends and has had a little boyfriend that she's been hanging out with. John freaked out a bit at first, of course, when she introduced the boy as her "boyfriend" but I think it's all good. Plus, I don't hear about him anymore, so I don't think they are an item anymore.

Well, I guess that's about it from here.

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