November 26, 2008
Happy Turkey Time!

Howdy! I thought I would post a little update now that we are almost settled into our lovely new home. Things are crazy busy, as usual, but everyone is doing great. Here are the updates:

MOVING Moving has taken much longer then either John or I thought it would. However, we are doing it the right way. And when I say we, I mean John, as he's had to do the bulk of the work. He has sorted through so many boxes and stuff that we have accumulated over the years and has done a complete purge. He is only moving the stuff we need/want, not the other stuff you seem to gather up over the years. All the clothes that don't fit, toys the kids don't play with and books we never read are all being donated to a local women's shelter. The rest of the stuff is being tossed. It feels good to unload all of that stuff. Now, hopefully, our new home will be less cluttered. When John went to the old house earlier this week there was a formal notice of foreclosure on the door, so we got out just in time. For awhile there, I really thought that our landlord had “saved” the home, but apparently he’s just giving up on it. Too bad, as it is a nice home, in a great area.

NEW HOME We love our new home! It is perfect for the family. Freshly painted and we are keeping up on the cleaning, which is good. The one think I was not expecting is the amount of Jack fur everywhere on the laminate flooring. Wow! I did not realize that a Great Dane could shed that much, because it wasn’t apparent in the old, carpeted floor. Oh well! John is going to work on getting a cleaning service in on a weekly basis to help us keep the house clean. I love our bedroom. So relaxing and “grown up.” It’s great! The kids are really enjoying the new house too. Their rooms are so much bigger in this house then in the last. The one person who kind of lost out is John’s mom. Her room is much smaller (as she likes to remind us) and she no longer has her own bathroom. The last house had a 2nd “suite” so her room was huge with its own bathroom, so she lost a lot of space. Hopefully she’ll adjust and get used to it. Our new home is so much louder because of the flooring, though. We are naturally a “loud” family anyways, but with the laminate flooring it’s LOUD! The dogs nail tip-tapping on the floor and the kids yelling up to each other from the downstairs to the loft and of course John and I yelling at the kids. Then of course there are so many dogs in the neighborhood, our dogs are right at home. Once one starts barking they all start barking.

WORK Work is good. I’m still settling into my new role and getting used to the 4 hours of commuting each day, but I am really enjoying it. It’s been very busy and each day I discover something new that needs to be done. Ah, well. I like what I do and I like the company I work for, so how can I complain. With the way the economy is, I am thankful to have a good job.

KIDS Kids are doing great. They are out this week for Thanksgiving and are enjoying their time off. Sebastian is doing an amazing job his first year of high school. He’s not only been keeping up with this school work, but has actually worked ahead of where he should be at. We are getting glowing remarks from his teachers and counselor. I am so proud of him! Keegan is doing great too. His health is good, so it seems that the Remicade treatments are working. He’s been off the Prednisone for over a month now and no sign of relapse, which is a relief. He goes in for his next treatment at the end of next month and is continuing his Asacol twice a day. He’s such a trooper. I wish school was going as well for him! He brought home a D+ in social studies, simply because he did not do the homework. Everything else was As and Bs. Such a smart kid, yet we can’t get him focused to do the homework. Madeline is doing great, as well. Her report card was good, and feedback from her teacher is positive. She’s still a little social butterfly!

Alright, think that’s about it for now! Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Brie at November 26, 2008 02:02 PM

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