June 25, 2002
Moving Day Tomorrow

Well, John and I went and signed the final paperwork for the house yesterday. What a relief! John went over to the new house today for a walk-through and I am very happy to report that, while the house is indeed smaller, he is very excited about opening this new chapter in our lives. As am I! I will go over to the house tonight after work and get my first thorough look around. The movers come tomorrow morning and we will finally be able to close the door on that house. While we've had some great times in that house (including Madeline's first 2 years of her life), I truly believe that house was not meant for us. There is another house out there somewhere, with a lot more good times to be had, and not as much stress. This has all been a great lesson in life for both John and I.

The kids are very excited about moving. They went with John, along with our eldest niece (who has been great enough to help out with this move). The boys have picked out their room and are anxious to get the XBox, we told them we would get. I'm sure, once we get the playset for the backyard, they will be more excited about that, too! So much to do and so many possibilities. What a great joy!

I, too, have to thank Cait for coming to our rescue this weekend and help out. Not only did the kids get to enjoy "Aunt Cake's" visit, but she was also very helpful in sorting out a lot of old stuff. How great it is to have a friend that is so close that you trust her to go through your stuff and make decision on what to keep and what to throw out! She knows us so well!

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June 21, 2002
Friday Five 6/21/02

Okay, some of these this week are just copies of John's Friday Five. We are, after all, like one person, sometimes!

1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo?

John: "House, we just sold off our 27 year old 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2262 sq ft. house on .52 acres and are moving into a newer, but smaller 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 1750 sq ft. house on a smaller lot."

2. Do you rent or own?

John: "On Wednesday, 6/26/2002 we will go from being first time owners back to being renters. We found owning not all it was suppose to be."


3. Does anyone else live with you?

John: "Through the years Brie and I have had lots of boarders and roommates, I believe the number is like 12. Right now it's just our family unit. 3 kids, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. My mom had lived with us for 6 years until last May."

4. How many times have you moved in your life?

Well, I've moved a little more than John. While I lived in Seattle (where I was born), I moved 3 times. Moved 4 times while I lived in Fresno (including the move to Fresno when I was 8). Moved 17 times with John (including moving in with him). Whew!

5. What are your plans for this weekend?

Packing, simplifying and moving! Woo-hoo. Looking forward to getting rid of a lot of junk we've kept over the years and have just moved from place to place.

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June 19, 2002
Family and Blogging

Well, I've only been posting in this blog now for a few months and I've already managed to offend a member of my family (who shall remain nameless). Which leads me to a very important question, how much should one post on their blog? I post what I am feeling, at the time I am posting. I don't really mention anyone by name, other that John and the kids. Should I have to censor my thoughts and feelings in fear of offending someone? Truly, if I were to post my deepest thoughts, then that might be a little weird. Too much stuff going on in my little brain for me to even comprehend. I suppose I should just not post anything specific regarding my family. Talk about DRAMA! Who needs the added stress, when really the whole point of my blog is for an outlet of my thoughts. I guess I should keep my feelings to myself, as they pertain to others (with a few exceptions, including John, who knows me better than I know myself, and understands that I have to vent!)

So, yes, I did censor myself. I went through and deleted the offensive paragraph. Amazing how your perception/feelings on things can actually affect someone else. Personalizing someone else's feelings and thoughts.......::sigh::...well, I don't need the drama. Now I have to have John read this to make sure it's okay to publish........he's my editor now. Okay, he's approved it, so I guess I shall post this.

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June 14, 2002
Friday Five 6/14/02

1. How often do you do laundry? Well, with three kids, we should be doing it every day, but typically a load is done every other day. Sometimes, there are "laundry weekends" where we get caught up on all of the "old" laundry.

2. What's in a typical wash load? A "typical" load involves a mixture of kids clothes and "grown-up" clothes, sorted in dark warms, dark colds, white warms, and white colds. Always keep towels and bedding separated in their own load.

3. Front or top loader? Powder or liquid detergent? We have a top loading machine and use liquid detergent (ALL or Tide normally).

4. Do you use fabric softener in the rinse cycle? Yup. Have several of those Downey balls and use one with every wash. Best invention ever!

5. Dryer or clothesline? Please! Dryer of course!

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June 13, 2002
Travels of a lost soul (or is that poor soul who gets lost???)

Well, thought I might drop an update......

Went to Dallas on Tuesday and flew back on Wednesday. Quick trip! Managed to get lost, many times. Pathetic! Couldn't even figure my way into the Long Beach airport (well it was my first time there!), then got in the wrong security line (hasn't anyone ever heard of SIGNS?????). Once I got in the right security line, I naturally set off the metal detector. The poor girl who had the wonderful responsibility to "wand" me had never been trained the proper "wanding" method according to the other, older female security guard. The older one decided that I would be a good "demo" model on the proper wanding procedures. "Did you wand her bra? She has underwire. Can't you hear that beeping? You got check it! Press the back of your hand on the underwire and make sure it's okay....." At this point, I wanted to impress upon this woman that clearly, the "lift and separation" was a very good indication that my underwire was "okay." However, I bit the inner side of my cheek, very much aware that my plane was due to board in less that 5 minutes, and that I didn't have time for a lengthy discussion regarding the wonders of a good Victoria Secret's bra. The older woman then proceeded to show the younger one, how to properly inspect the underwire in the cleavage. Now, please keep in mind, this is all taking place with many business men around, all glancing nervously in my direction, attempting to keep their boyish ("uh huh, uh huh, she said cleavage") snickering to a minimum. The older security guard comments on how difficult it is to inspect this part of the underwire when you have those "hard-ass" larger fake breasts. She had to point out, a little louder it seemed, how appreciative she was that mine were, while larger, clearly not fake. Yes. Very pleasant. Many an eye rested on my chest at that point. Joy of joys.

Why Long Beach, you saner people might be asking....well, with the $1300 difference in airfare (why?) and the fact I drive there every day, it seemed like a good alternate to San Diego. But little did I know what was to face me when I got home........(foreshadowing)

Once on the plane things were calm and even managed to catch a few winks. This, of course, was after I graciously accepted a business card from the gentleman sitting next to me. This was merely a ploy to get him to stop trying to sell me his company's product. Successful ploy I might add. He was able to chalk the flight up to a business contact (doubtful) and I was able to get my sleep (much needed!). The flight was uneventful, and I must say, to American Airline's credit, there was a TON of legroom. Quite impressive! They do make you take a little "bagged" meal on the plane (they call it a Bistro Meal, don't you know) which I thought was funny. Not only do you have to carry it on yourself, but you also need to make sure that it is stowed under the seat in front of you before take off.

Landed safely in Dallas, quite a bit earlier than expected luckily. Caught my shuttle to the car rental area, after much confusion about where to catch it (again, people, SIGNS are a good thing!). Got my rental paperwork completed and was asked whether or not I could handle an Explorer. "Of course!" I said, "I drive a Durango at home!" I was very excited that I was going to get a SUV, however, when I got out to get my car, discovered it is one of those Explorer Sport Tracs. Just a fancier version of a pick 'em up truck. Well, when you're in Texas, what better car, er truck, to drive! Felt like one of the locals.

After getting my pick 'em truck on the road, had a hell of a time trying to find the headquarters of my company. Drove around and around and finally called my boss (why????) to explain to her that I would be late for my meeting because of traffic. "Traffic?" she asks, "You are going to wrong way." Great......chalk up yet another brownie point with my new VP. Super.......Finally made it to the office and had a very productive meeting. Whew! The rest of the trip was fine. A lot of talking and discussions, and a lot accomplished. It wasn't until I got into Long Beach and got home that things went awry......

Get off the airplane (very pleasant flight), get into my little car and get on my way. Put some gas in the car, got my Starbuck's and was off! Pop in my new Sheryl Crow CD and was rocking out all the way until I got to Huntington Beach, where I read a sign that indicated that South 5 was closed at Camp Pendelton in Oceanside. Doh! That is the ONLY way to get into San Diego from coastal Orange County. Yikes! So I get on the phone with John and have him help me "plot" out my escape to South 15. We went over several options, all of them requiring me to basically go back to LA. I got on 133 North, which apparently merges to 241 North which apparently, does not have any exits. So I drive 20 minutes away from I-5. Finally John tells me to get on 74 North (or possibly East) and take that over Lake Elsinore to 15 South. Whew finally a solution! Okay, 74 is a beautiful ride, taking you through a forest and campgrounds, however it is very windy and winding roads. Absolutely NO signal for my cellular phone and not a gas station in sight. Finally make it through, stop for gas, complete a conference call for work, and get back onto 15 South. Took me 3 and half hours to get home and that was leaving before rush hour really start (usually about 3 PM). Can't imagine what others had to go through! Yikes.

So that's the end of my trip. I am home safely now. Didn't take the journey up to Long Beach today, but instead spent the day in our San Diego lab. What a relief that was! Off to Long Beach tomorrow.........another day, another adventure!

Peace! :)

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June 04, 2002
Weighty Issues and Other Thoughts

So, I'm on day 2 of being really good with what I eat. Good job for me! My only little "slip" had been one small bowl of cereal each night. All before 8 PM, mind you, and I do mean small. Just enough to get my cereal fix, but not the Tupperware bowl full I used to eat. I've also attempted yoga the last two days. Monday I was up at 4:30 AM and today I did yoga at 7:15 PM. Think I like doing it in the morning a lot more, it's just VERY difficult to get up that early. Tomorrow is another day. Just like other addicts, I've got to take it just one day at a time. Baby steps. I haven't had chocolate for 2 days now, which is a pretty big deal. Haven't even missed it yet.

Tomorrow is my 34th birthday and I face it with some reservation. I know that it's going to come whether I want it to or not, but I wish I was at least 60 pounds thinner. Hate the thought of turning another year older with this much extra baggage I also am a little saddened over the fact that I am still on Pill Z. I thought I'd be off of my medications by now, but everytime I try, I'm just back in the doctor's office having a meltdown. I guess I should be thankful that I'm able to take a little pill to help me cope, but it would be nice to be able to cope on my own. Yet, with everything that has happened in the last 8 months, it's surprising I can cope at all. Must accept all the help (prescription drugs and all!) I can get!

Boy do I sound messed up! I'm sure I'm no worse off than anyone else, but there are days.......I just count my blessings and realize that I, unlike millions of others, have it pretty good. I've got a loving mate, 3 wonderful healthy children, a job I quite enjoy, and a lovely roof over my head. Life is good, when you stop and consider everything around you. Now about that weight......obsess....obsess....obese.....obese.....see how easy that happens? :)

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June 01, 2002
My Week....My random thoughts

Well, it's been awhile since I last posted. Here are some major things that have been going on.....

House Sold/Finalized Rental Yippee! We signed an offer on the house, took it off the market and put a little "sold" sign out front. What a relief! We are now "officially" in escrow, which should only take another 3 weeks. Then we will be able to breathe again. We are definitely moving into the house that our real estate agen (what a coincidence!) owns and are already making plans for that. Very exciting! It's much smaller, but I think it will be a good move. It's a newer house, with less spaces for us to clutter. It's all about SIMPLIFYING our lives. I am looking forward to the move, getting settled, and putting all this bad juju behind us. Fresh starts are always nice!

Disneyland and Kids So we took the kids to Disneyland yesterday for a full day of fun, fun, fun. The happiest place on earth? Well, maybe not according to my 2 year old. We had a ROUGH start to say the least. Within an hour of being there, my 8 year old had thrown up, my 4 year old had pitched at least 3 fits and the 2 year old had run off. SIGH.....So much fun. The day ended up being really nice, once the kids got over the initial jolt of Disney energy. John and my sister Brandi (from Alaska) went on several rides together leaving me in charge of the kid brigade. One thing I think Disneyland needs is a play area that kids can't get out of, where they can just run amock. Trying to wrangle three uncooperative children can be difficult, solo. But we managed! Next time, though, we definitely take our twin stroller. Trying to maneuver two strollers was a bit cumbersome. Why Disney doesn't have twin strollers is beyond me! Overall though, I give our day trip to Disney a 7 out of 10. I would (and will) definitely do it again. Especially, since we are only 45 minutes away (actually closer than where I commute to! Go figure!).

Weighty Issues Ever notice how one person can say one thing and it just triggers you to want to make a change. Last week, my darling husband said "I love you no matter what and I think you look beautiful no matter what, but I do get concerned about your health." SLAP! So, this has been plaguing my mind lately. How do I lose the weight? What do I have to do to get motivated? I guess that I am back to obsessing about it, is a good thing. It puts focus back on my need to lose. I was getting overly complacent about my weight, figuring I had to just accept it and love being fat. Well, no more! Okay, actually, I am going to try to focus on just getting healthy again. Start with some yoga in the morning, get an exercise machine (probably ellipitical) and start watching my portions. So, not an all out do-whatever-it-takes weight loss program, but a "get back into healthy eating and exercising mode." I know that if I do this, the weight will just start going down, naturally. Now, if I can find time in my schedule to exercise. The reality of getting up at 4:30 AM to do yoga is a bit intimitdating. But, studies show that getting 6 hours of sleep a night can actually be better for you.

See, and here I thought nothing had happened this week! :)

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