January 23, 2003

Just thought I'd post a quick update on the Virginia deal. Got an e-mail today saying they had two other candidates to look at and would hopefully be making a decision by early next week. Okay, so I knew there would have to be other candidates, but I was hoping! But I know that I would do the same thing.....recommend that the hiring managers speak to other candidates for comparison sake. It's the right thing to do. Still, it is competition.....

Part of me thinks it's good, because then I know, if they selected me, it was because I was the best of those they interviewed, not just a warm body who replied to their ad. The other part of me wants to scream "PICK ME, PICK ME....I'M PERFECT, DON'T EVEN BOTHER WITH OTHER PEOPLE!" Ah, the internal conflicts.....

So, I will post if I hear anything. Not starting any packing yet, and am trying to "back" my excitement down, because I don't want to get crushed if it doesn't work out.


Posted by Brie at 08:27 PM
January 22, 2003
Paranoia and thinking positively

You know, I always take one thing and turn it into something REALLY negative. I interviewed with this company in Virginia, and simply because they didn't TURN around and give me an offer, I think that they don't like me. How pathetic is that? It's been less that 2 weeks since they first contacted me, which is really fast. So I need to relax and kick back. I've got a great job right now, so it's not like I need a new job.

It's the desire to move out of California that is pushing me. In addition, this opportunity is just too good. It seems like a great place which is very employee oriented. It's a failry new location, so there is a lot of work to do, including employee recognition programs, setting up their systems to be able to run reports, and so much more. So keep thinking GOOD thoughts. I will try not to be too crushed if it doesn't work out, but it will still hurt just a little. I've got to be strong with the negotiations, because there are very specific things we need in order to move.

Thinking positive......


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January 10, 2003
Work and other stuff

Well, I meant to post earlier, but got side-tracked by life......

Here's an update on my thoughts and goings-on:

WORK: Work is a little crazy right now. My VP is leaving the company and I am not sure what all that means, quite frankly. I'm not sure if they are going to be opening another position somewhere, or even what they are going to do on the West Coast. It's all very confusing.....I'm keeping my eyes open for other opportunities, just in case. I really like the company I work for, but can't risk being laid off again. That would be just too devastating. I am still looking at opportunities outside California, so the discussions of moving out are still active.

MOVING: Ugh! I keep going back and forth.....I know I want out of California, but ideally I'd like to end up in Arizona, where we have family. But, there are just so many great sounding opportunities out there. I spoke with someone yesterday about a senior level position in Omaha, of all places. It is with a stable high tech company, though, which I would love to get back into. We've actually discussed moving back to San Jose, too. Who knows where the wind will take us. I'm going to try to keep a low profile, though, with family, because I'm tired of all the questions. I mentioned it once awhile ago, when the Michigan opportunity came up, and now every time I talk to someone, it's "When are you moving to Michigan?" Ugh!

The good thing about all of this, is I have a good job, which I enjoy, which is as stable as any job right now. So I just need to be thankful about that and stop stressing. I think it's the not knowing of everything that is most disturbing for me. I will probably fell 100% better about things, once some decision are made about the organization. There's a lot of work to do and decisions to be made!

Enough boring stuff! It's only really exciting for me!


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