August 24, 2003
Monthly Thoughts....

Well, maybe I should really change this to Brie's Monthly Thoughts....sheesh! Here's a quick update on where things are at to date...

Vacation Our vacation, as you probably have read in John's blog, was great. The kids were as good as can be expected considering they got sick and were away from home for 11 days. It was great to see all of the family and friends and spend time with everyone, but it was a long time to be away from home with the kids still being so little. I think we will probably wait a year or two before we try that vacation again! My brother's wedding was beautiful. John should be posting pictures soon so everyone can see. I still can't believe my baby brother is married. I'm so happy for him and wish him all the happiness in the world, which he deserves. The kids did great walking down the aisle. Maddie was so sick, but still managed to get down there. Keegan stopped at the front of the church and posed for the camera, and Sebastian tried to keep everyone under control. It was a great day!

Work Work has been crazy! I've been working a lot of hours, but no where near what others are working. I'm usually in the office by 8:00 and home by 6:30 - 7:00. I'm at that awful point where I'm torn between work responsibilities and home responsibilities. John has been a real sport about it though. Plus, this all only temporary, while my center is at the peak season, so I guess it's all good. Saturday's are even considered work days during peak season, but I don't usually go in. I went in yesterday for a few hours, because we had a tragedy (2 of our temporary employees were killed in a car accident and 1 full time employee was seriously injured) and I needed to be there. I got in around 9 and was home by 12:30. So not too bad, but still it takes time away from the family. It's a hard thing to balance, especially when there are so many expectations on you when you become "senior management." Oh well, luckily, like I said John is being very supportive and I know that by the end of November I will have another full time person working for me and peak season will be over, so the long hours won't be necessary all of the time.

School Sebastian AND Keegan start school a week from Tuesday. I'm so excited for both of them. Keegan is a little apprehensive about starting, but I think once he gets there he will be thrilled! Sebastian is excited about starting 4th grade, too. It's such a relief knowing that we are going in to this school year with a least the start of an understanding of what his challenges might be. We went out yesterday for a long day of back-to-school shopping. The boys got all of their supplies and Keegan got some new shoes. We will do the clothes things in the next month or so, as they both have enough summertime clothes which they can wear to school. I don't think it will start getting cold here until October timeframe, but we will see. Just the thought that we have to buy "winter" clothes is still very foreign to me. But right now, it's still in the 90's and they will wear shorts.

Other random things......

- Through Cindi's brilliant detective work, we've gotten in touch with Jeff again. He and I have exchanged a few e-mails and even instant messaged each other. It's always great to get updated with friends!

- Madeline is going through the potty training process. Whew! The last kid out of diapers. I can't wait! I suspect, without any major setbacks, she should be "trained" by the end of September. Especially now that she will be the only one at home during the day.

- John and I are reading the new Harry Potter book. He's far ahead of me, as I've not had a lot of time to read, nor has it drawn me in to want to read it non-stop. I'm hopeful that in the next 500 or so pages it will pick up.

I think that's enough to bore you all with......


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