May 24, 2004
Update From Me...

Okay, I'll give into the peer pressure and Sean's pleading.....

Life is so busy in the Silveria household. This last weekend was the first weekend we've had in a couple of months where we didn't have any plans. So, you would think, REST, right? No! Not us! Go-go-go-go.....John and I actually spent a lot of time outside this weekend working on the enormous playset for the kids. We had to clear and level about 17 feet of the backyard on Saturday, which included rottotillering (is there such a word), digging and A LOT of whining (this was my contribution!). It was the hottest weekend it has been all year and we were out there digging and dumping dirt. Woo-hoo. Bring on the fun-bus! I was so hot and gross and the bugs (do you hear the violins playing in the background??), it was nasty.

Day 2 consisted of actually putting the thing together. To get an idea of how big it is look at this picture BJ's Wholesale Club > Products > Seasonal. Yes, it's HUGE. The kids are going to have SO much fun though. John and I did pretty good working together on it, but of course, we had our disagreements, as usual! I have ZERO patience with anything going wrong, especially when I am hot and tired and VERY cranky. Anyways, the thing is almost done. John has some more work to do on it (like install the swings), but overall I am very impressed with the work we did this weekend. Sore, but impressed!

Work is busy, as usual. We are getting ready for peak season, which starts in six weeks. This is where we start receiving and shipping all of the merchandise for the holiday season. It is tremendously busy and crazy and yet, suprisingly exhilirating. A lot of changes have taken place at work over the last 3 months, but it's all for the better, and things have definitely improved.

We are trying to plan what we will do as a family vacation this year, and have decided that we will just be tourists in our own area. There is a wealth of sites that we still haven't seen and experienced here, why leave? Plus we won't incur the added cost of hotel and boarding for the dogs (an expensive thing with 4 large breed dogs!). I'm also going to go to Alaska for a few days at the end of August for my sister, Brandi's, wedding. I'm very excited and in the wedding. My brother Brian graduated, with honors, last week from law school and I was wishing I was close enough to be there with him. I am SO proud of him!

Okay, dinner is ready, so must run!

Posted by Brie at 07:07 PM