September 22, 2004
Whoa! A Post......

Okay, okay, so it's been a LONG time since I posted. Quit your whining, ::sob::sob::, it's not like any reads to my posts anyways......

Enough of's my update!

As John indicated in his post, I went to Alaska a couple of weeks ago for my sister's wedding. It was a quick, but wonderful trip! Brandi made a beautiful bride and my new brother-in-law and his WHOLE family are wonderful. It was great to see the entire family, including many that I haven't see since I was a toddler. I reconnected with a lot of relatives. It was great! I will try to load a great picture of my brothers and sister and I at the rehearsal dinner. Aren't we a happy looking group? Okay, maybe it was partially the margaritas, but we did have a good time together! I was one of 3 bridesmaids (and SO honored to be!) so was very involved in the day before and of the wedding. I stayed with Brandi, which I think is the most one-on-one time she and I have spent since we were little. It was a wonderful trip! The only thing I would change is to have had John and the kids there. That would have made it PERFECT!

Gosh, other then that, things have just been BUSY. Work has had some ups and downs lately, but I'm still loving my job. John has updated everyone on what's going on with the kids, so I don't want to repeat that information. The whole thing with Keegan being a genius and everything, still freaks me out a little. I don't know what we will do. We've been talking and discussing the whole situation a lot lately. I really appreciate everyone's comments and suggestions. We will know more on Monday, I guess! A genius? Who knew!

I guess I should comment on Darren getting in contact with us again. I'm very happy that he found us. It's just nice to know he's doing well and is happy. He may not realize it, but he was a big part of my transition into becoming my own person. Yes, he introduced John and I, which was life altering, but he also contributed to my growing, as a person. After living a secluded life before I moved out on my own, Darren helped me to see/understand that there is so much life to live and I shouldn't be afraid to live it. In retrospect, he and I were only in each other's worlds for a short period (really less then a year!), but he left such a huge impression on me. Ah, to be that young again! Anyways, I'm glad we are in contact again with him and am looking forward to getting to know him again.

That's about it! Here's the picture (thanks, honey for the help!)


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