January 01, 2005
Happy New Year!

Hello! I thought I'd start this year out right, with a post to my blog, since I haven't posted in a very long time. Things, as usual, have been crazy at work, and I just have not taken the time to post. Hopefully things will level out over the next month and all will be balanced again!

Christmas was great at our house! I was off for most of the 3-day weekend (had to go in for about 3 hours on Christmas Eve) so it was just nice to spend time with John and the kids. The week leading up to Christmas was enhanced by all of the deliveries from grandparents. Everyday seemed like there was another package coming for someone. The kids got to open one gift on Christmas Eve. As tradition would have it, this was one of the gifts from Nana and Grandpa (Shirley and Gene). New pairs of pajamas and slippers to wear for Christmas Eve. The kids immediately changed into their new pajamas and get to open the cards from Nana and Grandpa, which contain Toys R' Us gift cards! Shopping times are set.....

Christmas morning started out at 5:00 AM with Madeline screaming from the family room, "I got a Cabbage Patch Kid!" Ah, the bonuses of Santa not wrapping his gifts. I drag myself up and put the kids back to bed with specific instruction to NOT get out of bed until 7:00 AM. They actually listen and the next thing I remember they are coming into the bedrooom, yelling something about a PS2 and games. John and I get up and sure enough, Santa has left a PS2 (very small!) with games for everyone. In addition, Santa had teamed up with Nonie and Papa (Kathe and Larry) and got the kids Dance Dance Revolution and an Eye Toy. The next hour is spent in a flurry of wrapping paper and boxes. In the end, the kids were very fortunate this year. A new PS2, games, clothes for Maddie from Nonie and Papa, RC cars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (yes those are still around!), Barbie, and Boobah! Most of the day was spent playing video games, dressing Barbie and Ken, and playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Later we had a great dinner of spiral ham, potatoes and beans. Keegan, of course had his usual - hot dogs and brocoli.

So that was our Christmas. We are the ultimate in consumerism and gifts in our family! It's all about the kids on Christmas, though! John and I very rarely will exchange gifts for the holiday. We focus all of our resources on the kids. This year, however, John did buy me another charm for my bracelet. It's a Mickey Mouse. Very cool!

On Sunday, December 26, we woke up to snow, snow and more snow! We got about 12 inches of snow that day. It just kept going and going and going. Once it stopped we did go out for a little while and play. Us Cali kids though, don't last long in the snow! It was VERY cold! Because of the snow and subsequent ice and because we live in the country, I could not get into work on Monday. No snow removal anyone came to our rescue on Monday, so we were stranded until late Monday day. Tuesday, I hopped in the Durango and slowly made it into work. The snow was, for the most part, gone by Thursday. Friday was a holiday for me, so it was a short week!

New Years Eve was spent dining on an all appetizer meal (our favorite!) at home and the ringing in the New Years with Regis (no Dick Clark, sadly). Sebastian made it, Keegan fell asleep about 11:30, but woke up long enough to countdown, Madeline was out by 10:30.

That's all there is to report from hear! Hope 2005 is a great year for all! Happy New Year!


Posted by Brie at 09:57 AM