February 19, 2005
What's going on???

Geez, where to begin.....we've had a lot of activity here at Casa Silveria.....Let's start with the big news.....

I had been discontented with my current job for some time now and casually looking for other opportunities online. I won't go into detail about what, why, or who, as I do not believe in airing work issues online. Lo and behold, after sending my resume in to another retailer (I don't believe in naming names, either!) in October, I got a call for a phone interview. After several successful phone interviews, onsite interview and references, I received an offer! Woo-hoo! I will still be doing Human Resources for a retail distribution center. The company has a great product line and is still in the growth stages. It's a very exciting opportunity! Everyone I met was great and seemed to really be open to new ideas and input. I am very happy! So I will be starting my new job in 2 weeks.

Exciting news, right? How can it get more exciting you might ask? Well.....the position is located in Tracy, California! What?!? Moving back to California, you ask? Yes! After all of the praise of living in Virginia? Yes! I know what you are thinking....seems a little hypocritical of me after saying I would probably not move back to the golden state, but......gosh darn it, I miss my family! This became very apparent after not only my sister's wedding in August, but also during the second holiday season without our extended family close. It is very difficult to be 3,000 miles away from everyone. It's been a great experience to live out here, and I wouldn't have changed it for anything, but it's time to go "home." Yes, you heard me, I referred to California as home.

We are looking at a couple of areas to move to. Tracy, where my job is located, is a nice up and coming area that has a lot of the conveniences that we have been missing over the last two years. Tracy is very centrally located. It's about 1 hour from San Jose, Fresno, Turlock and Sacramento. Most of the houses available are in newer housing communities and the school systems seems to be decent. The other area we are looking at is Patterson, which is located about 20 minutes south of Tracy. It's a much smaller town (under 20,000, which is still considerably larger then Carrsville, Virginia, with a population of 1,500!), but still manages to have a Starbucks! It's really growing with several new housing communities and a small school district (only one high school!). With the further distance from San Jose, rent is a lot cheaper in Patterson, but it's still close enough to Tracy to not be a miserable commute.

Lots of decisions to make over the next couple of weeks, including the painful "what to do with the dogs" decision. Unfortunately, 4 large breed dogs make us a most undesirable family to rent to. John and I are considering finding homes for the Danes and possibly George. Please do not think us terrible people, it's been a very hard, heart-breaking decision. We are thinking about George because of his barking (yes, we have tried the collars, positive reinforcement and training!). His barking has, in the past, made living in a community very difficult. We have considered de-barking him, but just don't think we can put him through that surgery. I'm thinking maybe a lovely family in Oklahoma might be willing to give this great loveable white fluffy dog some room to run and bark his little heart out. If only it could be that easy!

Other issues we have to consider is when to move the kids, what school programs will be available for Sebastian and Keegan, and fixing up the current house we are in. So much to do and unfortunately, I'm leaving in 2 weeks. John, as usual, will be stuck with the majority of the work and move. Hopefully, this will be the last one!

Posted by Brie at 09:05 AM