March 18, 2005
California, Here I Am!

Well, here I sit in Tracy, California in my new office. Hard to believe! I officially started my new job on 3/7 in Baltimore, where I worked for a couple of days, getting familiar with the east coast distribution center. I flew out to California on Wednesday and settled in. I’m staying at temporary housing in Tracy until the family comes out. It’s a small one bedroom apartment in which I fell a little like I’m living back in the late 80’s. Sean and John will remember the apartment on Floyd Avenue that we lived at in 1987, just to give a point of reference to someone. I even have to go get quarters for the laundry room. Oy! You forget how convenient it is to have a washer and dryer in your home. 

I spent the first 4 days in California just trying to find a home for the family. I drove all over Tracy and Patterson, looking at over 12 homes. Quite a lot of walking and quite frankly they all start looking the same after awhile. Most of the houses I looked at were new homes, either less then 2 years old or brand new, never lived in. I was amazed at how LARGE the master bath and bed were and how small the other bedrooms were. In my opinion, I’d rather have more space for the other bedrooms. Who needs a master bath the size of a master bedroom? I swear in one house the walk in closet in the master bedroom was larger the one of the other bedrooms. Do all parents think “screw the kids, I need a palatial bathroom?” Heck no! Give the kids more room so they aren’t dragging there stuff everywhere!

Long story short, I was very fortunate to find, with the help of Amy and John, a wonderful house in Tracy. I’m so excited! The house is in a nice neighborhood and is a little more then 2800 square feet. It has an enormous kitchen (painted red, with oak cabinetry) and a great game room. In addition, it has a wonderful in-law suite on the first floor. I’m thrilled about this! Poor Penny has been crammed in a small bedroom since she moved back in with us. She will have a much more space, her own bathroom and a walk in closet. Plus it’s on the first floor, so she won’t have to worry about the stairs. The master bedroom and bath is huge with a lovely soaking tub in the master bath. The bedrooms for the kids aren’t huge, but they will have the game room to keep a lot of their toys and things. Maddie’s room is already painted a nice lilac color, so now we just have to get her a bedroom set! The carpeting throughout is like a confederate blue, so it’s not too overpowering and will not be stained too easily. We had a little hiccup with the pet deposit, but master negotiator, John, took care of that. The backyard is not huge, but since we will only have Jack and Emma, it should be fine.

The plan now is to have John, Penny and the kids fly out next weekend and then John will fly back to Virginia to finish the house and work with the movers. John will then drive to Oklahoma with George, Emma and Jack, where George will go to his new home with Cindi and Larry (a huge relief!). Cindi will then join John for the rest of his journey back to California. So that’s it from here. Thanks again, for everyone’s support during this transition. ….. Sean and Amy for helping me with my car and rental……Cindi and Larry for agreeing to give George a wonderful new home where he can be George…..John Sr. for helping us find a refrigerator and already planning a larger vegetable garden.

I most especially would like to thank John for being so patient and wonderful during this move. Really, all I had to do was find a job and a home. He has to do all the heavy work, including trying to find a home for Zoe. You are wonderful and there would be no way possible for us to have what we have if it weren’t for your love and support!

Posted by Brie at 11:06 AM