April 18, 2005

We are gradually getting settled into our new home. There are still many more boxes that need to be sorted and identified, but right now we are just down to the sorting of the miscellaneous “stuff” that was either A)as part of the consolidation of boxes was mispacked or B)was not it it’s correct home when the movers came. Most of the stuff falls under B because the entire family is great at taking something out, but not putting it back where it belongs. This is definitely something we have got to work on with this new home. The kids are old enough where they should be picking up after themselves, and John and I need to get better at throwing things away or putting it up when we are done with it. So here are a few more little updates…..

School and Kids
The boys started school last week. Sebastian is in a special day class, which has been a great transition for him to his new school. His teacher seems very nice and is very supportive. Keegan is adjusting to his new class, although he’s having some challenges in not being at his old school where he was a little celebrity. He now has to “prove” himself to a whole new teacher and a whole new class that he’s a bright kid. In Virginia, it was just a given. He would have kids in higher grades coming up to him in the hall and throwing math problems at him to “test” him, hence the celebrity status. Keegan’s new teacher got a taste of him when he went over the 1,000 key words with him and he managed to get to word 500 without even stumbling. This was on his 3rd day. Keegan will hopefully be tested and get into the GATE magnet program they have here for next year. Sebastian and Maddie will hopefully be going to a brand new school that is K-8 next year.

In addition to school, the kids seem to be adjusting well. Madeline spends A LOT of time outside on the playset and riding her bike. Keegan splits his time between outside and video games. Sebastian spends much of his time on the weekends with his video games, although is being “thrown” outside. The new game room, once it is set up will be great. The kids will have 2 TV’s set up with their systems (Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube). In addition, the computers and John’s keyboard set up will be there. It’s a nice space.

Madeline has now started, on occasion, sleeping in her room. We have her tent set up, with the crib mattress inside, which makes for a nice sleeping space with all her ‘babies.” John and I will finally have our room to ourselves, which for the last 11 years, has been shared with the kids.

Emma and Jack are getting acclimated to their new home, as well. Emma is having issues getting up the stairs so she mostly stays with Penny, even at night. This is quite a change for her, and is a constant, painful reminder that she is not going to be around forever. Jack has seemed to have adjusted to not having Zoë around. He is pretty much glued to John’s right hip, and if it’s not available, my right hip. Never let’s us out of his sight. I took him for a walk this morning, which he really seemed to enjoy. He’s remarkably really good on a leash, absolutely no pulling. It seems strange, yet quiet, to only have 2 dogs again, after having 4 for so long. George is hopefully enjoying his new home in Oklahoma and is not causing too much trouble!

I think that’s all there is to report. We went to John Sr.’s house yesterday in Denair and had a nice time. His gardens are so beautiful and I am constantly amazed at how he and Bonnie are able to maintain and nurture all that beauty. It’s great that we are so close to them and my folks in Fresno (where I went just 2 weeks ago!). It will be good for the kids to get re-acquainted with their other grandparents again!

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