May 31, 2005
My how time flies…..

Can’t believe it is almost June! Where does the time go (how cliché is that?). Well, here is a quick update on the Silveria family’s escapades of late:

Boys have just 3 more weeks of school left before they are out. Keegan is doing very well and has been accepted to the GATE program. He will be going to a traditional year magnet school for 2nd grade. I will be curious to see how he does with kids that are as smart or smarter then he is. Hopefully he will find it a challenge and not frustrating. We shall see! His biggest issue in school right now is his behavior, mostly paying attention and listening. He is still very much into drawing and coloring and goes through a ream of printer paper every month with his drawings. Very clever kid! Sebastian is also doing very well. Testing revealed that he is at or above grade level in most areas, but is still below grade level in handwriting. No surprises there! He will be going to a year round school next year and will still be in a special day class initially. The goal is to get him in mainstream classes sooner, rather then later. It’s funny, but my biggest concern is not how Sebastian will adapt, but more so how other kids will treat him. At this age, some kids can be mean to those they don’t understand or who they view as “different.” It will certainly be interesting! Maddie is looking forward to starting school next year as well, and will be going to the same school as Sebastian. Both Keegan and Sebastian have had very interesting experiences in school, I wonder what Maddie’s school experiences will be!

Work is going great. I really am enjoying being able to do what I need to do to get the job done. I am not bogged down with a lot of other “non-HR” related responsibilities and am able to fully concentrate on HR, which is wonderful! The people at work are all very supportive and it’s a really great environment for me to be working in.

We have mostly settled into our new home. I love it! It’s a perfect home for us. We don’t have nearly enough furniture, but that will all come in time. We had a birthday party/housewarming party a couple of weeks ago. It was great! We had a lot of people! Lots of family, including John Sr., Bonnie and her mom; my parents; Brian and Danelle; Sherry, Beth and Alex. Many friends also attended including Sean and Amy (fresh from their honeymoon), Nate and Sloan; Pam and Tom; and Tony, Marina and her mom. We even got to see two old friends that we haven’t seen for a long time. Jeff and his wife Tali attended. It’s probably been well over 10 years since I saw him last. It was great to catch up and remember the “good old days.” Darren also attended. It’s been 18 years since either John or I saw him. Oh the memories! It was really a great day! John’s dad bought the kids a HUGE inflatable water slide, so the kids really had a ball, while the adults socialized outside and inside. Everyone really seemed to have a good time. John and I were both very happy with the turnout and the fun!

John and I signed up for a brand new fitness club that is in the process of being remodeled. We have been going about 3 days a week now and hope to increase that. We do at least a 30 minute cardio (I do the treadmill, John does the elliptical machine) and then some weights. This club has a HUGE kids club (video games, rock wall and playsets), so the kids go to and hang out there. We’ve been trying to focus on eating right and getting in shape. I’ve got a complete physical scheduled for this week and I am sure that the doctor will tell me that my cholesterol is high and I need to lose weight (no duh!). At least I can go in, knowing I’m already doing something!

Next up… birthday! Yikes! I will be 37 on Sunday. I’ve already received my birthday gift….an iPOD Mini! Woo-hoo! It came in early and John is not one to hold off on giving gifts. What a surprise! It’s pink and engraved “Happy 37th Birthday, Brie.” Very cool! I’ve been playing with it all weekend. John’s got something else planned for this weekend, but he won’t tell me.

Whew…long post! Hope you get through it!

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May 19, 2005
Star Wars Quiz

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