July 20, 2005
Finally, a word from me...

Okay, okay, the constant requests for a post from me are finally being addressed. I know, I know, youíve missed hear from me. Too much time has passed since I last posted and many of you are wondering, what is that fascinating person doing? Where has she been? How oh how are we expected to move on with our day-to-day life without know what Brie is thinking a doing. Fear notÖ..a postÖ..

Ah, if only that were all true!

So what has been going on? Not much really. Boys are out of school. Both did very well and were promoted to their next level. Sebastian even made the honor roll. Iím so proud of both of them. In just a week and a half, Madeline and Sebastian will start school and Keegan will start in 3 and a half weeks. Poor John will be on the road for much of the school day, going from school to school. Dropping off, picking up 3 kids on 3 different schedules. Obviously, for safety reasons, I shanít post what the kids schedules are, but letís just say itís going to be crazy.

What else? Work is great! I know Iíve said this before, but I really love my job. I went on a 4 day leadership conference and came back even more passionate and motivated about it. Itís great to work with people that believe in what they are doing and want the company to be successful. Itís refreshing!

We went to see ďCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryĒ today. If you havenít seen this movie yet, you need to go! It was great! I was a little apprehensive, because in this household it was the equivalent of re-making ďGone with the WindĒ or ďWizard of Oz.Ē Johnny Depp did a fantastic job. Although it was a re-make, you still felt like you were watching an ďorginalĒ movie. It was not ďBurton-darkĒ at all, and there were no chickens decapitated, so I was one happy camper! I cried, I laughed. Any movie where Danny Elfman sings is a great movie! Two thumbs WAY up!

Iím happily half way through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I did not, as most would have thought I would have, buy it on the first day (although was tempted to join the midnight fun). I was good and waited until the second day. If you are a HP fan, you need to get it. So far itís been great. It has been too long since the last HP event (last Harry Potter movie), so I am in heaven. Yes, I realize that I am a 37 year old person happily enjoying a book that is intended for a much younger audience, but I donít care. Itís great writing, a great story and I am too far gone now in the HP world to stop.

Last, but not least, Iíve discovered Podcast. For those of you that donít know I am the proud owner of a Mini iPOD that John and Penny got for me for my birthday. 5 GB of pure fun! Iíve enjoyed music I havenít listened to for years because of lack of CD player in my car. But now, I am a Podcast nerd. Itís true. iTunes now has Podcast available through their service, so itís so easy! Iím able to listen to many KCRW programs that I havenít been able to since moving from So. Cal. Things like Martini Shot, The Business, LeShow and WGBH Morning Stories. All NPR programs, of course! In addition, Iíve discovered independent Podcasts including The Dawn and Drew Show (raunchy, hilarious, fun humor), The Lolife (commentary with similarly slanted viewpoint as mine), and The Theory of Everything. Itís awesome. New shows are added daily. If you have a player, you need to get into Podcasts. They are great!

Well, now you know. All my rabid fans can move on with their lives, now that you know what Iím doing. Ciao!

Posted by Brie at 09:13 PM