September 03, 2005
A very wise 11 year old

On Friday morning, as we were watching Good Morning America once again air the devastation and chaos in New Orleans, and the obvious lack of support that the Americans were getting. Sebastian, who was also watching, turns to me and says "Mom why doesn't Bush do anything to help those people." My heart just fell. How do I explain to my wise-beyond-his-years 11 year old why the supposed "leader" of the most powerful, wealthiest country in the world, our country, has apparently abandoned these poor people? How do I explain that more then likely, if Bush hadn't been so obsessed with Iraq and sunk in billions of dollars in "protecting" Americans from the "terrorists" throwing our country into a war that we have no business being in? How do I explain that how we can go into other countries, air drop supplies to people in need and yet we can't seem to get our act together in our own country? And how do I do this all without completely expressing the rage, frustration, and incomprehensible sadness I have for what I see on the news?

My first reaction to Sebastian, of course admittedly was pride. Here was my young son, a liberal-tree-hugger in the making, questioning why the president of his country, was not helping those people out. Good for him. Good for him for standing up and questioning this truly awful situation. I responded to him and said that while it was not completely Bush's fault (alright I pulled back a little) that there were many people involved in getting help to the Gulf states. They just weren't organized enough. What a cop out.

On my own, in the privacy of my car, as I am listening to Bush on NPR admit that the level of help so far was "unacceptable" that, in the ultimate Bushism they need "immediate help now," I am yelling at the top of my voice "Fucker, fucker, fucker!"

I got into an argument with a someone (a Republican, of course) who said "Why is the federal government's responsibilty to bail these people out? They each have their own state government." Excuse me? Why is it federal govenment's responsibilty to go over to Iraq and completely fuck up their country, killing 1,000's of young Americans and untold numbers of innocent Iraqis? I don't get it.

Alright enough ranting. My head hurts. Suffice it to say, I am completely mortified with the conditions in the Gulf coast. I pray everyday, yes I said pray, that these people are taken care of and are able to get past this horrific, devastating event.

Posted by Brie at 05:59 PM