October 30, 2005
A week in the life of....

Had a sudden thought this last week that this is our family website and I can't remember the last time I posted about things we were doing. I decided, and we will see how long I will actually be able to maintain this, that I would document what we were doing for the week. Now, some may find the details of a family of 6 boring, but how great would it be if in 10 years Sebastian goes, Hey! What were we doing 10 years ago? and I can refer him to these blogs. Bear with me this week, as I don't have all the details, but will get better as time progresses.....so, without further adieu, a week in the life of the Silveria's....

Sunday, 10/23 - After working on Saturday, I was ready for a day of rest, but we decided to spend some family time out and about. Now that the kids are older, our outings are a lot easier, with a lot less fanfare. We started our day by attending the first showing of "Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit." Great movie! We have been a fan of W&G for many years. Keegan enjoyed them so much, he actually wore out a DVD from watching it so much when he was younger. The Silveria clan definitely gave the movie 6 thumbs up (Grandma came with us, too!).

From there we went out to start the annual tradition of costume hunting. The boys had talked about wanting to be Mario and Luigi from SuperMario Bros. but alas, it was no to be. Seriously, if I were a better seamstress (alright, if I knew how to even turn the darn sewing maching on!) I could have made them one. But after seeing what was available, the boys decided that they would be Ninjas. Didn't buy the costumes at the time though, because we wanted to "shop around." Ugh!

More shopping...First to PetSmart where we debated which fishes to add to the tank. We settled on 2 striped fish, a bottom feeder and a snail. We were shocked to discovered, after spending the last month trying to get our algae under control that we actually had to start feeding our algae eaters algae. Crazy. A little (no such thing with a Great Dane) dog food, some cat litter, our fishes and we were out of there!

Jamba Juice was our next stop. While waiting for the Juice to get prepared, the boys made their trek to GameStop where they purchased SSX On Tour for the GameCube. We are BIG SSX fans in this house, so we were all excited. Our outing concluded with Costco, and then to Burger King, where they had W&G kids meals. Phew! After a long day, we settled in for the night catching up on the football games of the day and playing our new game (I SHRED!). The rule in the house is when there is a new game that I like, I get to play it first. Very selfish, I know, but once John and the boys get a hold of it, and get better than me, I start to lose interest. When we got a game called Psychonauts for the Xbox, no one was allowed to play until I finished the entire game. Crazy. Moving on...

Monday, 10/24 I worked in Tracy on Monday. All three kids were in school. Madeline and Sebastian were on minimum days all week, as this was their last week before a month break. John and I had Parent-Teacher conferences for Sebastian in the afternoon. It went pretty well. I can't say I'm thrilled with his class right now, but I'm giving it time. He got good grades, although they could have been better. Sebastian is now going out to "conventional" class for Science and seems to be excelling in that. We will have to make a decision to put him in more "conventional" classes soon. Always a hard decision, because you don't want to push too hard, but you also want to push hard enough. I don't ever want to look back on Sebastian's growing up and think, we didn't challenge him enough because we didn't think he could handle it.

It's Red Ribbon Week at both schools. The kids have spent some time talking about the evils of drugs, alcohol and smoking. Keegan is quite the little participant and is anxious to do all of the activities his class has in plan. It was Wear a Hat day so he proudly wore his Atlanta Falcon hat. The night ended with dinner and more SSX playing by me (still shredding!).

Tuesday, 10/25 I was still in Tracy for that day. Yeah! Two days in a row and no traveling! Had new hire orientation for 10 people. Very busy, tiring day. Can't remember anything significant that happened on Tuesday. The kids had a good day at school and were anxious for the week to end. Keegan again wore his Atlanta Falcon hat again, as it was Team Spirit day.

Wednesday, 10/26 Made the trek up to Sacramento for the morning. About an hour and a half on 5. So much fun! Worked up there, and came back in time for Madeline's Parent-Teacher conference. Was told that while she doesn't always listen (imagine my shock), she's doing great and is a very bright student. Yay! She will need speech therapy, so my desire to have one child not needing any special educational needs, is not to be. We are, afterall, a family of unconventional folks! Today's theme at Keegan's school was Pajama Day, so he got to go to school in his Pajamas. Very excited. He's so into all this "school spirit." It's great to see!

Thursday, 10/27 In Tracy for me again. Kids are getting more anxious for the week's end. Keegan's theme at school today was Red, White and Blue day. It's been getting colder all week, so the kids are getting used to wearing pants and real shoes. At least we won't be getting any snow like we did in Virginia!

Friday, 10/28 Worked in Hayward. John is responsible for dinner Sunday thru Thursday, but on Friday Grandma Penny has her one night. This usually means we go out to dinner because she doesn't like to cook. This time we returned to one of our favorite local haunts, The Great Plate . Downtown Tracy is going through a major renovation and a couple weeks ago they finally re-opened Central Ave. John and I have always enjoyed Dowtown life in each city we have lived in and we really love Downtown Tracy, just a week ago they had a "Wine Stroll" and John and I went out on a date, strolling through downtown visiting differnet merchants who offered various wines and appetizers. It was a lovely "grown up" evening. Anyway, dinner was wonderful, as usual. Went home and enjoyed an evening of SSX, soap operas (for Brie) and City of Villans (for John).

Saturday, 10/29 Saturday started off, as it normally does, with a trip to the donut shop for Grandma and Sebastian. I know, I know, not a nutritious breakfast, but it's become a family tradition every Saturday. John and I finally dragged ourselved out of bed at 10:00 AM (yes, our kids let us sleep in now!). We got up, got ready and took off to Michael's Art & Crafts where they hold art projects for kids every Saturday. We've not missed a Saturday for 6 weeks now. The kids really enjoy it. It's a great, and cheap family outing. This weeks project was a wooden pumpkin that they could paint anyway they wanted. Nice quick project, which was good, because we quickly had to head home to get ready for the Halloween Parade, which was taking place downtown Tracy. The kids were anxious to get dressed up and not only participated in the parade, but then got to trick or treat at the downtown shops. It was a lot of fun. There were dogs dressed up, a couple of hundred kids dressed up walking in the parade. The kids really had a great day. We ended our active week, by napping and watching the our Tivo (Brie), playing video games (the kids) and a marathon City of Villains (John).

And that is our week! Enjoy! I know we did!

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