November 27, 2005
Our Week

Well, here it is Sunday evening after a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Rather then going with a day-to-day chronicle of what happened this week, I'll just give you the overall highlights. My brain is so foggy with tryptophan from our second (yes second) turkey dinner that I can't even remember what I did last Sunday! So here it goes....

It was a short week, because of the holiday week and my Monday started in Hayward. Keegan went to school that day and we all went to the gym that night to work out. Tuesday was spent in Tracy, after a trip to the gym. I gave Keegan the choice to stay home, and like most 2nd graders, he decided to stay home with his brother and sister. It was his last day, as he had Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. This was Madeline and Sebastian's last week before going back to school next week. Madeline is SO excited to go back to school on Tuesday. She has been waiting to go back since she went on vacation.

Wednesday I went to Sacramento, which was crazy, considering it was the day before Turkey day. Luckily I left rather early to get on the road before traffic got too bad. Spent some time in my Tracy office and then came home. Pretty uneventful night. Didn't even make it to the gym that day at all. What a bum! :) I was just so excited that I was starting a lovely 4 day weekend! Penny had a nice day. She had been looking at getting a car since we moved back out to California. She finally decided on a 01 Honda Accord. Very nice! It will be great for her not to have to rely on John any longer to taxi her around to her appointments and such. She now has some freedom.

Thursday we got up at a decent hour, got ready and drove to John's dad's in Denair, which is between Ceres and Turlock. John Sr. has about 25 acres of almond trees out there. His wife, Bonnie, had her family in from Fresno, as well as her mother (who lives on the property) for the Thanksgiving feast. It was really nice! We had a great meal, and a great time. We got to see Bonnie's son Adam, who I hadn't seen in a couple of years. He's going to UNLV and is working for a radio station in Las Vegas. After stuffing ourselves and having dessert, we left for home.

Friday was a lazy day, which is just the way I like it. John spent most of the day playing his game, and Maddie, Keegan and I went to the gym in the afternoon. Heck! I even got a nap in (which I LOVE!). After the gym, the three of us went to the store to get the fixings for our own Thanksgiving feast that we were planning on Sunday. John and I ended our evening watching "In Good Company" on DVD, which really was quite good. It was a very sweet movie and I enjoyed it.

On Saturday morning Madeline and I got up and went to the gym quickly before our traditional trip to Michael's, for the kids craft. This weeks project was a Sculpey Snowman. We are planning to get a smaller tree specifically for the kids to put all of their ornament on, so this project was perfect. We spent the rest of Saturday lounging about at home. John and I watched "Meet the Fockers" on DVD, after a lame attempt at watching "Napolean Dynamite." I think we got 5 minutes into the Napolean movie before we determined that we couldn't watch it. Instead we enjoyed "Meet the Fockers." Hilarious movie! The baby in that movie is too cute. When he started saying "ass hoooollle" John and I were rolling on the ground. Too funny!

Sunday was spent watching football and preparing our wonderful 2nd Thanksgiving meal. The one bummer about going to someone else's house for turkey day is that you don't get all of those wonderful leftovers. So, we decided to make our own 20 pound turkey. I love making turkey dinner and I do have to say, it was one of the best John and I have done in a long time. The turkey came out perfectly and we have LOTS leftover. Now we are just waiting for our dessert time. Penny got a pumpkin pie and I made my favorite apple-cranberry pie. Yummy!

Well that's it from here. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I know we did! Lots of visits to the gym next week for me to work off all this turkey.....

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November 20, 2005
Week in the life...

Here was our week....

Sunday, 11/13
John's big 38th birthday! After sleeping in, as you do on the weekend, I got up and made omlettes for everyone. Yummy. After that I straightened up the house a little to get ready for our visitors. My brother Brian and his wife Danelle came down from Elk Grove for John's birthday. It was great and meant a lot to John that they took time out of their busy lives to come down and hang out with us. Danelle made this awesome layered bean dip. I know, you think, layered bean dip? How can that be awesome? Well, let me tell you it was! So delicious. We enjoyed that with chips and beer and football. We visited awhile, which was nice, because even though they only live an hour away, we don't see them that often. Usually we only see them at family occasions, with my parents, so this was great! I made some beautiful shrimp scampi and slightly overcooked tri-tip roast. Danelle made a salad and we all enjoyed the meal together. After a cheesecake ice cream cake, Danelle and Brian had to leave. We spent the rest of the evening watching TV and resting up for our week.

Monday, 11/14
After getting up for another workout, I spent the day in Tracy working in my lovely new office. It's so nice to have some space, although I have to be careful not to spread things out too much. More space means more paperwork in my world. Keegan had minimum day today, but he still struggled with going to school. It's hard for him to go when Madeline and Sebastian get to stay home. Nothing much happened that day, just errands and work. John made a great salad with the leftover steak and shrimp from his birthday dinner. It was yummy!

Tuesday, 11/15
I travelled to Sacramento today. Big fun! It's funny, I spend most of my time working with my other groups, when I am up there. I travel 1 hour and a half, just to send e-mails back and forth to Tracy and Hayward. Crazy. When I got home, John had made tuna casserole. After an early dinner, we went to the gym for a family workout. The kids enjoyed the Kids Club and John, Penny and I worked out. After the gym, it was a quiet evening at home. See, now this is where the really boring stuff is, because each week nights i'ts pretty much the same thing....TV, video games, reading, internet surfing and bed. It's a little repetitive, but we enjoy it! Especially our quiet time together, where we all crawl in our bed and watch one of the tremendously age-inappropriate Adult Swim cartoons that we Tivo (Family Guy, Harvey Birdman, Aqua Teen Hungerforce, or Home Movies just to name a few...).

Wednesday, 11/16
Got up and went to the gym. I have been going now for 14 days, and have only missed 3 days. Not bad! I worked in Tracy today, what a crazy day. I realized last night that it was a full moon. Inevitably, my employee relations part of my job, which is usually big anyways, goes through the roof. People tend to lose their minds and common sense. I can't go into details, as I make it a policy to not discuss anything work related on my blog. Not the right forum. Needless to say my Wednesday was wild. Even got pulled over for my license plate still being out of state. Sheesh! Got pulled over, lights flashing, right in the parking lot of my job. Nothing like having the HR Manager in the parking lot being pulled over by the lovely Tracy Police. Fun! Luckily John and I had taken care of registering the cars a couple of weeks ago, so I was okay. Just one of those moments you just had to laugh about after the day I had. I left work a little late that night and after a quick stop at the store and KFC, I finally got home about 6:30 PM. Ugh! What a long day....

Thursday, 11/17
I was supposed to go to Hayward today, but things were still so busy in Tracy, I decided to stay in town. The effects of the full moon were still in action. Never a dull moment! Luckily, it was my Friday, as I was planning on taking Friday off. One more day until Harry Potter! Woo-hoo. I left work a little late again. John made a great taco salad, and then I spent another couple of hours working some more. Thank god for my wireless laptop. I can sit on the couch, enjoy the company of my kids or watch my Tivo and still get my work done. If it weren't for the fact that "humans" play a big part in my "Human Resources" job, I could definitely see having a work-at-home job.

Friday, 11/18
Finally! Harry Potter was here! I got up, made lunch for Keegan, and got ready for the gym. Nothing much different then usual, but it did start a couple of hours later, because I was off from work today! Well, sort of.....while I waited for Keegan to finish getting ready for school and Maddie and Sebastian got ready to go to the gym with me, I got back on my laptop and responded to some e-mails. Never a day off, in reality! We dropped Keegan off at school and then went to the gym for a quick workout. When we got home, I discovered that all of the IMAX showings of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, were SOLD OUT! Not good! I woke John up to tell him the awful news. We decided that we would just see the movie at our local Tracy theater. No big deal, as long as I got to see it on opening day. We got ready and left at 11:30 AM for a 1:10 PM showing. I had convinced John that we HAD to get there early, otherwise we would miss out. The kids were planning a day at McDonalds and with Sebastian's classmate, Christian. The movie theater is a whopping 10 minutes away. So we bought the tickets and realized that we had gotten there WAY too early. Long story short, we ran some more errands (shoes for Sebastian, new game controller) and finally got back before the line got too far out of control. We got great seats. After far too many commercials and a few quick previews, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire started. The movie was spectacular! I can not say enough great things about it. From the minute it started, it was non-stop action and fun. Seriously, the best HP movie. The director, Mike Newell, did a phenomenal job with the story. It was a mammoth book, and yet he and his team managed to maintain the story without it seeming jumpy. There was a lot of the book that was not in it, but you didn't miss it. This time, I didn't read the book before going to the movie. I made that mistake before seeing Prisoner of Azkaban and found that I didn't enjoy the movie as much, as I kept waiting for certain things to happen and very aware of what they left out. This time, I hadn't read the GOF for well over 2 years. So, while I know they did leave out some things, it wasn't a glaring omission. It wasn't until after the movie was over and John and I were talking, we remembered there were many things that were left out, but you don't miss it. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you have to see this movie. Such a great movie. It is over 2 and a half hours long, but it in no way seems like that. After the movie we went and had a wonderful sushi meal, as you do after a great movie. Then it was back home for the evening to hear how much fun the kids had at McDonalds and over at Christian's house. I fell asleep on the couch about 9:00 AM and then off to bed.

Saturday, 11/19
After donuts for breakfast, we were off to our Saturday adventures at Michael's. This week the kids got to make a beaded candy cane ornament. They really enjoyed it. We've decided that we are going to get a small tree that the kids can decorate with their craft projects. We've got some pretty crafty kids! We drove to the outlets, where they had just opened up a new Disney outlet for Christmas. The kids each got $5 to spend and they had a lot of fun wandering around and shopping. Keegan got a set of Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch) action figures, Sebastian got a Goofy hat, and Maddie got a stuffed Minnie Mouse and a notepad (bubble gum scented!). Then we boogied down to OshKosh outlet, where they were having a 70% off sale. Way cool! Madeline got a couple of cute sweaters, pair of jeans and a new coat for the California winter. There was nothing for the boys, unfortunately. We stopped off at The Great Plate downtown for lunch and then came home. Madeline and I took a little nap and then I went to the gym with Penny to workout. After a great workout, we stopped off at Longs and Safeway. I made pizza for the kids and Penny and enjoyed some wonderful Tomato Basil Bisque. Then we just spent the evening watching TV and blogging. Nice quiet evening. Tomorrow is football!

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November 13, 2005
What else?

Thursday, 11/10
I could not for the life of me get up on Thursday morning to go to the gym. I've done so well (for me) and have gone everyday since 11/3 except one. But today was just not meant to be. After I pulled myself up, I drove off to Hayward for the day. Very exciting. I actually do enjoy my day in Hayward. Although, technically I don't live in the Bay Area, it makes me feel like I'm a part of the Bay Area. It's like home to me... :) Keegan ended up staying home for the day, as he is still fighting that darn cold that everyone has been sharing. When I got home, John and I went to Costco to get food for his Sunday birthday dinner. Beautiful tri-tip and the biggest tiger prawns I've ever seen! I can't wait! We also picked up Star Wars III DVD (kids gift to Dad) and went to Best Buy to pick up his new graphics card for the computer. This apparently will allow his game (City of Villains and City of Heroes) to run better. I felt a little bad that there was no big surprises for him this year, but he had very specific things he wanted to get for his birthday. I guess that's better then getting something you don't want! We picked up some Chinese food, went home and ate. Afterwards John went upstairs to install his new card and play his game. The kids, as usual, spent their evening playing video games, reading, coloring and watching TV. They've also invented this new game that they like to play where they each have superpowers and try to "out power" each other. It reminds me of a very complicated game of rock-paper-scissors.

Friday, 11/11
TBIF (Thank Buddha it's Friday). Seems like a relatively long week. I started my morning with a great workout. 45 minutes on the treadmill (2.5 miles). After my glutonous night of chinese food, I needed it! I spent my day in Tracy, where I moved offices. I needed more desk space and it was easier to move my stuff into one of the many empty offices then it was for me to move furniture. That took up most of my day. Sean and Sloan paid a visit. While Sloan stayed at the house with the kids and Grandma, Sean took John out for his birthday lunch. They went to sushi, of course! Sean brought John some CoH swag, which he enjoyed a great deal. They brought me some sushi at work, since I didn't get out for lunch. It was great that Sean was able to see where I worked. In addition, I got to show John some new chairs I had my eyes on to replace our sad dining room chairs. We ended the evening with some Togo's sandwiches and watched Star Wars III. After the kids went to bed, I caught up on some of my Tivo, including Everwood, The Daily Show and MSNBC Countdown with Keith Olberman

Saturday, 11/12
Saturday started out as all of our Saturdays do, with John and I sleeping in. Ahhhh, it's so nice now that the kids are a bit older and we can go back to sleeping in on Saturdays. Plus, Grandma goes and gets donuts with Sebastian, so they have eaten and everything. We woke up about 10:00 AM, got ready and took the family to Michael's where the kids made lovely black velvet art. Groovy! Afterward, Grandma treated the family to a movie, in honor of John's birthday. We went to go see Chicken Little. What a great movie! Everyone really enjoyed it. I was a little concerned going in, because we are such huge fans of the Pixar movies (Toy Story, The Incredibles), but it ended up being a good movie. 6 thumbs up! After the movies, we had McDonald's happy meals (movie tie-in!). We don't eat there a lot, but they did have the Chicken Little happy meal. Funny eating chicken nuggets after watching Chicken Little. Penny and I went to the gym where I worked out and she took a tour of the place. She signed up, which is a good thing. She can now join us at the gym and also get some help in getting in shape. We are all going to be so healthy some day! We ended the evening as usual....watching TV, video games and bed.

That's our week! Today is John's birthday, so we are getting ready for Brian and Danelle to come from Sacramento to celebrate with us. But that's for next post....

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November 09, 2005
This week in the life of...

Glad to see Sean is posting his week's activities too! His is more detailed then mine, so I might try and expand on this one....

Sunday, 11/6
Sunday actually started very early. Actually, Saturday just never really ended for John! I woke up at 4:00 AM Sunday morning and John was still playing City of Villains. Crazy man. He had some issues with a mission and was determined to win. I was not amused. :) John finally came to bed about 5:00 AM. Again, crazy man! I got up around 7:30 or so to get ready for work. Work, you say? On a Sunday? Yes, work on a Sunday. I had 9 new hires starting and had to go do new hire orientation. Ever so much fun, considering I wasn't feeling well. Both Maddie and Sebastian were just getting over a cold, which they generously shared with me. Isn't that sweet? I worked from about 9:00 - 12:00 PM and then came home to crash. After a quick attempt at a nap (no good), I got up to catch up on my football games. 49ers lost (boo), Seahawks won (yippee). Great games for the most part. John made a great steak and artichokes dinner and then it was Cold Stone for the dessert. Sweet ending to a good day.

Monday, 11/7
I got up at 5:35 AM to hit the gym once again. Only managed a short, less intense workout, because I was still not feeling well. But at least I did it! Since last Thursday, that is now 4 out of the last 5 days. I worked out my Tracy office after dropping off Keegan to school. It's so hard because he is currently in school, while Maddie and Sebastian are on break. Stupid schedules! I caught up on some paperwork, whilst enjoying a yummy Venti Soy Quad Gingerbread Latte. Delish! Even though I was famously a Starbuck's snob for many years, I hadn't been to Starbuck's for a very long time. I've been going to a small coffee shack and enjoying a monster size (32 oz.) of the best coffee in town. I'm a "regular" there and they always have my cup waiting for me. I always wanted to be a regular somewhere where they knew my order. It's silly, I know! Work was crazy as usual. I didn't have any time to break for lunch. John and the kids delivered a most unhealthy, but highly delicious, In&Out Cheeseburger and Fries. This was about 2:00 PM, and because lunch was so late, we didn't have dinner plans. We spent the evening watching TV and playing video games. Pretty typical end to a weeknight....

Tuesday, 11/8
Woke up and went to the gym. This time the workout was much better, as I was feeling a little better. Worked out of the Tracy office and spent most of the morning in yet another new hire orientation. I like doing this, but after the number of new hires that I've had in the last 2 months (54), I've had enough. Good thing is, I've got it down to a science and can do it really easily. It just takes some time and a lot of paperwork! While John spent most of his day doing laundry (and with 5 people, there is a LOT of laundry), it was a very long, busy day for me and I didn't pull in at home until 6:15 PM. This was after a quick stop at the grocery store. John made Taco Salad for dinner for Maddie, Penny, me and him. Sebastian had a burrito and Keegan had a hot dog. I know, it's crazy that he has to make several meals, but that's what we do...our evening ended with, of course, watching TV and playing video games. We spent our quiet time watching the all new episode of Family Guy (Tivo'd from Sunday night). For me, after the kids were tucked in, it was Gilmore Girls and Supernatural on WB and John played his City of Villains.

Wednesday, 11/9
Didn't quite make it to the gym this morning. I managed to talk myself out of it and rested for an extra 45 minutes or so. After I dragged myself out of bed, I woke up Keegan, who was quite shocked that the tooth fairy hadn't visited him. Tooth fairy? Lost a tooth? This was information that Keegan didn't share with anyone. 7 years old and already not sharing important events. Truth be told, losing teeth for Keegan has just become part of life. He's very non-chalant about it, and typically pulls them out himself. After I explained to Keegan that the tooth fairy would not visit unless he put the tooth under his pillow. What a save! I had to commute to Sacramento today. It was an UGLY commute and took me close to 2 hours to get into the office. Yikes. Thank Buddha for my iPod and Podcasts. Makes the drive much easier to handle. After a day spent basically responding to e-mails all day, I drove home. I was going to try to get together with my brother, Brian, who lives outside Sacramento, for lunch, but it just didn't work out. Maybe next week. After a quick dinner of pasta and sausage, Maddie, Sebastian, and I took off for the gym. The gym we go to has a great kids area, with a rock climbing wall, video games, and those great "habitrails" for kids (you know, like hamster cages, with the tubes and slides) and they really enjoy it. I had an awesome workout, 40 minutes and walked 2.10 miles. I know, it may not sound like much, but it's great for me! We came home, I read Cindi's blog, finished this up during quiet time, and that is it!

More to come.....later! :)

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November 05, 2005
The rest of the week...

Wednesday, 11/2/05
I had to go to Sacramento today. Not a bad drive, actually. Only 1 ½ hours. John and I had Keegan’s parent teacher conference in the afternoon. He’s doing pretty good, although the teacher feels like he could be “contributing” more. We will work with him on that by having him take in books to share. We got to see his frog report that he did. What a great job! That’s one of the differences in the GATE program. Most of the 2nd graders just read about frogs. The GATE kids get to do a full on report, with diagrams and everything. I was quite surprised at the depth that they went in. 2nd grade! The rest of the day was fairly quiet, with a lovely spaghetti and meatball dinner. Madeline and ended our evening with a little yoga and then bed.

Thursday, 11/3/05
My day started out with great workout at the gym (40 minutes on the treadmill!). First workout in awhile. Silly to pay that gym all that money and not use it. Then came my ugly commute to Hayward. I hate traffic. Keegan had the day off, along with Sebastian and Madeline. The kids got to go shopping with Grandma Penny, including getting Keegan’s “reward” for going a full month without getting a check mark on his progress reports at school. Keegan got “Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg” for the Gamecube. What a shock! Keegan got a video game. Crazy! The family met me in Pleasanton, where we had a lovely dinner at Mimi’s Café. Ended the evening at home.

Friday, 11/4/05
After another workout (woo-hoo two days in a row!), I got to stay in Tracy today, which is always great, although I was terrifically busy. Amazing how things can just blow up in one day. Keegan ended up staying home “sick” for the day. We all met up for our somewhat regular Friday lunch at Round Table. Yum, pizza and salad buffet. Ended the day with a quiet evening at home, catching up on some Tivo and, of course, video games! Keegan kicked my butt on SSX On Tour. He’s really a good player!

Saturday, 11/5/05
After out most nutritious donut breakfast, we went to Michael’s Arts and Craft where the kids got to make scarecrow planters. Keegan painted his like Mario (from Super Mario Bros.), Sebastian painted his as a “Homestar Runner” character (kid’s website that is Sebastian’s current obsession), and Madeline painted her scarecrow like a clown. After Michael’s we drove over to PetsMart to pick our weekly supply of dog and cat food. We spent a little time watching this very entertaining Rose Breasted Cockatoo. It’s those little moments in a day you enjoy! After PetsMart we went to Jamba Juice for a refreshing snack, followed by a trip to the Tracy Animal Shelter. I know, I know, like John said going to shelter is like “taking an alcoholic to a bar.” We did manage to walk out of there without a new pet. After that we split up, the kids and John went home to play games and hang-out and I went to the gym. Third day in a row! After a leisure grocery shopping trip, we ended the evening watching our marathon Tivo of “I Love the 80’s – 3D” on VH1. We really enjoy those shows! Even the kids like it, which is so great.

Well that’s our week! Hope you enjoyed reading about it…..

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November 02, 2005
A week in the life...

Posting as I get a couple of days....

Sunday, 10/30
We spent most of the day laying around and resting. Yes, I know, pretty lazy, but that’s how most of our Sundays are. Especially during football season! We spend most Sundays sitting and watching football all day long. John and I started getting the DirectTV NFL package a few years ago and can’t imagine life without it. All the games, every week. Now with Tivo it’s even more dangerous. While we all are rooting for the 49ers to make something of this season (not going to happen), We all have our own football teams we root for. Mine is the Seattle Seahawks, John’s is the Minnesota Vikings, Sebastian favors the Green Bay Packers, Penny roots for the Oakland Raiders, and Keegan roots for the Atlanta Falcons. The kids, in general, do not watch the games with us, but do come in and out of the room to snack on sunflower seeds and tortilla chips. It’s just a nice relaxing day. The only ones to leave the house were John and Penny. John went to the store in the morning and then took Penny to Cold Stone after dinner to get dessert for everyone. John and I started making plans for his birthday coming up on 11/13.

Monday, 10/31/05
Finally! Halloween is here! In the wise words of Madeline, “I can’t believe we made it!” I spent the morning driving to Hayward and then back to Tracy. Sebastian was relegated to stay in bed most of the morning. He started showing signs of a cold late on Sunday, so he needed to get his rest before the big night. I got home a little early to find John, Maddie and Keegan carving our pumpkin. It turned out quite nice! The kids were already bouncing off the wall with excitement. Keegan and I had a rather lengthy discussion about how best to put the “giveaway” candy in the plastic cauldron. You put all the “good” candy on the bottom and all of the “okay” candy on top. That way if there are leftovers, you’ve got all the “good stuff.” He thought I was pretty ingenious! John and Grandma ran out to get pizza while the kids and I anxiously awaited the arrival of Nana, who was driving up from Fresno to come trick-or-treating with us. Each time the doorbell rang, the dogs would go crazy, so we finally had to put both Emma and Jack outside. Neither of them was too pleased with that! Finally pizza arrived, Nana arrived and we were out and about. The kids went from door-to-door mastering their speech “trick or treat, thank you, Happy Halloween.” After each house, they would inspect what they got and trade if necessary. They did this even knowing that once we were home, all candy would be split up between the chocolate and non-chocolate and put in bowls for all to share. I just kept saying “I got a rock.” Sebastian grew tired and had to go home after one block, but Maddie and Keegan carried on for another hour. Each time Maddie had to cross the street, she waiting until Nana (and only Nana) held her hand to cross with her. She really enjoyed having “my Nana” with her that evening. It just made it more special. So good to be so close to our family again! By the end of the evening, we had entirely too much candy, what with what they got and what we had leftover. We were a little disappointed with the turnout, but being that it was a school night it was understandable. All in all a festive night!

Tuesday, 11/1/05
First day of the month! Keegan stayed home for the day, after our late night of trick-or-treating. He was happy about this! I spent the day in my Tracy office doing new hire orientation and getting caught up. I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon to take care of my rosacea, which has taken this opportunity to completely flare up. I tried to get in to a dermatologist, but unfortunately, the soonest appointment I could get was 12/15. I can not wait that long to get this taken care of! So I went to my GP who after much ado and fanfare (he’s a little crazy) prescribed me several medications that should take care of this ugly flare up. I also decided to finally color my hair, as my roots have gotten quite out of control and grey. Terrible. John took the kids and Penny to In and Out Burger for a late lunch, so we ended up not having our family dinner. After my fun at the doctor’s I was in no mood to go to the gym, so we just hung out at home, getting caught up on our Tivo. We watched Grey’s Anatomy (great show!) and the last two episodes of West Wing. I am a bit of a TV junkie, and do enjoy my shows! John has a few that he likes to watch, as well, but he’s not nearly as addicted as I am. The kids spent the evening playing games on the computer (Sebastian), coloring (Keegan) and taking a bubble bath (Madeline). A nice quiet evening.

More to come....

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