December 31, 2005
Happy Holidays!

The Silveria home was filled with family and fun on Christmas weekend. I had taken Friday off to make it a nice 4 day weekend. We spent most of Saturday hanging out at home cleaning the place getting ready for our guests arriving on Christmas day. John and Penny had some last minute shopping to do and managed to get it all done before the stores closed, while Keegan, Maddie and I made a cranberry-apple pie. The evening was spent with our traditional Christmas Eve pizza dinner and the kids opening their one gift. Traditionally, we have them open pajamas for Christmas Eve. I know this does not sound like fun for kids, but they have gotten used to it. Besides, if they opened one of their "big" gifts on Christmas Eve, I'd never get them to bed. After the presents, we watched Batman Begins, which was great. The night before, we watched Fantastic Four, also a great movie. After the movie was over the kids went to bed and John started setting up the cool new telescope that Nonie and Papa (parents from San Diego) sent to Sebastian. That took forever! I was afraid that Santa was going to overlook the house, because we were still up. Luckily, we got it all set up and was in bed about 1:00 AM. It was a rough night, as both John and I were getting over a cold, and we were up coughing a lot.

The kids, as instructed, did not get out of their room until 7:00 AM and came in precisely on time. With the excitement and hopes of what was downstairs, we got up and went down and saw all of the stuff that Santa left. There was a My Little Pony Butterfly Adventure Island playset for Madeline, a blue Gameboy DS with MarioKart DS game for Keegan and a whole set of HomeStar Runner DVDs, CDs and characters for Sebastian. All from Santa and his elves. In addition, the stockings were full of candy, books, and more toys (Rubic's Cube for Sebastian, Money Bank for Keegan, and My Littlest Pets for Madeline). Phew! And that doesn't even include what was wrapped under the tree. Once they calmed down over the Santa stuff, we passed out presents one at a time and and the opening began! By the end of the unwrapping, there were Cabbage Patch Kids, video games, and other toys spread all over. Penny got John and I football jerseys (49ers for him, Seahawks for me!). After the present extravaganza, John and I got busy starting th preparations for dinner. On the menu was turkey, ham, holiday potatoes, beans and rolls. After the turkey was stuffed, John and I attempted to catch a little nap. Unfortunately, I was not able to go to sleep, with all of the excitement of the day. The kids were busy enjoying all of their new toys and games. Sebastian was watching his new DVDs, Maddie was playing with her My Little Pony, and Keegan was playing on his new DS. Ahhhh, a successful Christmas!

My parents showed up around 1:00 PM and the kids opened yet more gifts (yes, they are spoiled! In addition to some new outfits, the boys each got new video games and Madeline got Cinderella and Barbie DVDs. Brian and Danelle showed up around 2:30 PM and there were, yes, MORE gifts for the kids. They got Madeline a cute boy Cabbage Patch kid named "Keegan Alfredo." She's been asking for a brother for her other two Cabbage Patch Kids. Very excited! Sebastian got a dart board and Keegan got some more art supplies. Perfect! We sat around and watched some football, talked and drank. It was such a nice day. This was the first time in over 7 years that we had all spent Christmas together.

Dinner was served about 4:00 PM. What a feast! It all tasted so good. Loads of turkey, ham and all of the fixings! We all stuffed ourselves so much, we couldn't even have any dessert before everyone left for their homes. We were left with SO many sweets and leftovers. Wonderful!

As you can see, it was a fantastic Christmas. I hope that each of you had just as great a day as we did. We are very blessed and thankful to be back in California, so close to family and friends. Today is New Year's Eve and we are doing our traditional thing of staying at home and welcoming in 2006 as a family.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Brie at 02:06 PM