April 25, 2007
what's happening, rerun??

What’s a happening? We have been so busy. I feel that’s such an overly used saying. Everyone’s busy all the time. How do we get so busy? Ah, well, such is life! I guess if I didn’t have anything to do, I’d be complaining I was bored. So what’s been keeping me busy? Same-old-same-old…….

So I work, and work some more. I started commuting full-time to Sacramento this week, after spending last week training my replacement in my other locations. It’s so hard for me to let go. I keep butting in the week and need to stop. I need to let my replacement get up to speed on things on her own and use me when she needs me. You don’t realize how much information you have in your brain until you have to do a “download” to someone else. It’s nice to know, though, if she has questions, I can provide some history to the situation. Not like I completely went away. Things in Sacramento are fine, however I do have moments where it’s like “gosh is this really enough???” I’m so used to jumping from one thing to the next, it’s hard for me to focus on just one group!

Family Business
So, in addition to my typical Monday – Friday job, I’ve also been assisting my parents with their business this last week or so. Not going to go into details as to why, but generally let’s just say the office manager was not available. I drove up last Saturday and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Mom and I worked in the office Saturday and Sunday and I will go back this weekend. Nothing will make you feel more like an idiot then jumping into a job that you are totally not trained in. I stumbled through some mini projects for Mom and was generally there to get a feel for what’s what and where things are at. This weekend I’ll dig a little deeper and try to get to gain a better understanding of how things are run. I’m not sure where this is all leading to as far as future opportunity, but even if it goes nowhere, it’s good for me to have an understanding of the business, in case Mom needs some assistance again. The business has been around for 30 years, but outside of answering the phone and calculating manual timesheets when I was MUCH younger (like 12 or 13), I’ve never been involved. This is a good experience for me, plus I’m thrilled that Mom has reached out for my help. I feel like I can finally give a little back to her and dad.

Things at home are moving along, even with my infrequent “visits.” John, the “Manager of the Household” is keeping the Silveria, Corp., including the “Board of Evil Spawns” in line and working together. Keegan had an incident at school where he got booted from not one but TWO classrooms due to poor behavior. Needless to say, he’s grounded, but trying to negotiate the punishment. Neither John nor I are big “spankers” and are more likely to ground from video games, TV or to their room. That’s not working for Keegan, so may come up with an alternate, less time, more severe punishment (like in your room when you get home from school and the only time you are allowed out is for dinner). Just don’t know what to do with him. The biggest challenge is that he’s just too smart for his own good and needs to learn to dial it back some and not over think and overreact. We are looking into some outside activities for him to participate in, including art classes, so he’s able to have an outlet. Everyone else is doing fine. Sebastian is rolling along with his classes and Madeline has a bit of a cold, but other then that doing great! John has been SO great with me being gone so much. He really is the “glue” of our family, holding us all together.

Not much to say about school, other then the fact that I decided to drop my Spanish class. The primary reasons were that I just don’t have the time to physically go to class. As John will attest, I spend a great deal of time on the computer with my other two classes, but do so in the comfort of my chaise and/or bed. Got to love wireless internet! The other reason for dropping the class is that I’m just not good at Spanish. My brain is not conducive to learning a new language. I can barely put together effective communications in English, must less alone Spanish. Oh well! I’ve got another month left of classes and then will start summer term in June. Between now and then I’ll have at least a dozen tests/exams and one term paper (due next Monday….yikes!).

To date, I’ve lost 16 pounds on Weight Watchers (since 3/5) for a total of 22 pounds since the beginning of the year. When you have SO much to lose….it’s so hard to see the one or two pound “healthy” loss. I did not do well, food wise, from Friday night to Sunday night, so it will be interesting to see what my weigh-in tomorrow will give me. I’m just hoping to break even! Not go up or down. I’ve really focused since Monday and have worked out every day. I did 5 days last week at the gym, which was strange, as I typically do 6 days. Not sure what will happen this weekend. I think I will at least take my yoga mat and do some yoga while I’m in Fresno. At least get some exercise in….maybe a nice evening walk…..

Well now that I’ve written a novel….I think I shall post!

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April 15, 2007
not much to say

Hello! I don't really have a lot to post right now, but felt like I should post something. My week has been busy, as usualy. I did take Monday off, to spend the first day of the kids' spring break with them, but still had a very busy week. I am getting ready for a new person to start at work. She will be taking over two of my 3 locations so that I can focus on my one big location. Now most of you who know me, know that I don't like to post information about my job or work, because I don't think it's ever a good idea to have something out there so public. However, in brief, most of my week was cleaning up some of my loose ends and cleaning out my main office, which will now be the new persons. Gosh! I never thought I could have collected so much stuff in two years. It's kind of like starting a new job, once I get her trained, as I will just have one office to go to and deal with one set of challenges. How nice that will be! I've been stretched rather thin the last 2 years and don't feel like the groups were getting equal attention. As the company has grown, so has the number of associates, so now it's time to hand over part of my job to someone else. A co-worker sent me this great link that says everything about my "chosen" field of Human Resources: When I Grow Up...

Okay....enough about work. So my latest obsession is trying to figure out what to do for school. I think I have finally figured it out, but it will require me going to two separate schools. One local (SJ Delta) and the other in the bay area (Foothill). Foothill offers an AA in Psychology, which is what I'd like to focus on, completely online. I will just have to supplement with some classes at Delta in order to keep it completely online. With taking this Spanish class this semester I realized that I just don't have the time or energy to take a "real" class. I need the classes to be online in order for me to be effective. I do almost all of my homework and tests on the weekends for my two online classes now. For instance, I studied this morning for my Biology test, which I will take this evening. Works for me! Actually physically going to class is just too much for me.

I've signed up to participate in the Planned Parenthood Capitol Day. I'm trying to get more involved in issues that I care about. In addition, John and I have signed up for the Walk Now for Cure Autism Now. It will be on June 9th in Pleasanton. It's been awhile since we've participated in something like this an I'm really looking forward to it. Before kids and even when Sebastian was younger, we were very active, including ProChoice, AIDS walk, gay rights, etc.

Here's a couple of other things that are happening:

* I lost another 1.4 pounds this week, for a total of 15.1 so far on WW and a total of 21 since the beginning of the year. Whew!

* I'm still trying to get used to my 'do. I guess I expected it to be more curly, but it is wavy. Just need to accept that it will not be curly-curly.

Think that's about it! Nothing too exciting, as you can tell.....but works for me!

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April 08, 2007
easter and a new hairstyle

Just a quick post.....here are the highlights of this last week....

Spring Break For me....at least. I didn't have school this last week. I intended to get ahead with my schoolwork but have thus far failed in that endeavor. I've taken Monday off, too, so am hoping to get a little further ahead.....Maddie's spring break was only Friday and Monday, but the boys will have all next week off for spring break.

New Hairstyle I've been complaining about my hair for weeks and threatening to get it cut off. Finally took the plunge and got it all cut off. Woo-hoo! This will make things much easier at the gym in the mornings to get ready. Plus, I may have a little more time as I'm not spending a lot of time fussing with my hair. I like the style, John likes the style, so it's all good. Today was the first day I had to try to style it, so I am at a wait and see moment, to see if it will really be easier to fix.

Easter Sunday Easter started out with the traditional "scavenger hunt" from the Easter bunny in search of the baskets. Oh that rascally rabbit....made it a little bit trickier for the kids to find their goodies. He leaves clues to clues to the final destination.....baskets! Each of the kids got candy and DVDs this year. What a nice bunny.....We spent the rest of the day with John's dad in Denair. He has such a great yard for a egg hunt. Another family tradition is that John and his dad hide all the eggs and then we end up not being able to find at least one egg. Happened again! Although, a new tradition was started by John's dad....the "hearing-aid" hunt. Dad's hearing aid fell out while hiding the eggs, so we all had to search for it. It was finally found by Bonnie's mother. Whew! Crisis averted. We all enjoyed a great meal of ham, potatoes and various salads, ending with some homemade ice cream. Yummmmy!

Weight Loss I was down another 3.4 pounds this week! Woo-hoo! That's a total of 13.7 pounds since joining WW on 3/5. Almost 20 pounds since the beginning of the year. Rock on! I've not focused fully the last couple of days....especially today. But I need those little breaks every once in awhile to get through it. Can't deprive myself too much....else I will lose it. Tomorrow is Monday and I will "be good." Couldn't go to the gym today (closed for Easter) but will go tomorrow. I've taken tomorrow off, and will enjoy and "lazy day" of gym and homework. Woo-hoo!

That's all I've got for now.....hasta la vista!

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