May 20, 2007
my life on a roller coaster

What a roller coaster's been a week of high emotion. Most have already read about our difficult decision we had to make this week regarding our beloved Emma. It was so hard and honestly, I didn't want to have to face it on Tuesday night, when she couldn't walk. This is really the first time that we've had to make the decision to let one of our animals go. We've had cats pass away (Dean and Meeka), but both times they just passed away on their own. To have to actually decide whether or not your dog is better off dead or alive is such a hard decision. You want to keep her alive for yourself, but in the end you have to stop the suffering. It was so sad. We miss her so much.

Okay, enough sadness for a moment....we celebrated Keegan and Madeline's birthday on Saturday with a rockin' party. John worked all week cleaning and organizing the downstairs to make it presentable for our guests. The house looked great! I took Friday off from work so we could do some last minute cleaning and shopping, shopping, shopping. We ordered the food, bought decorations, and got all of the rest of the food.

The party was great! We had about 30 people (over 16 kids, alone!). We had taken all of our TVs and put them in the living room/dining room and set up the Xbox, PS2, GameCube and on the large TV in the family room we had the Wii set up. We also had a bounce-house out in the front yard, which was a big hit. Nothing gets kids happier then video game, sugar and a bounce house. We even had two party games (who doesn't love a game of freeze dance?) and a pinata. The ultimate kids party! Everyone seemed to have a good time. All of the parents and siblings also stayed around. We, of course, had beer, wine and loads of food for everyone. We ordered food from L&L Hawaiian BBQ and it couldn't have been better. Plus we made a great fruit bowl and had a veggie platter. It was a lot of fun. The party was scheduled from 12 - 3, but most of the families didn't leave until 4. One family, Madeline's best friend, stayed until 5:30. Always a good sign when the party last longer then scheduled. We talked about putting together a rotating potluck with some of the other families. One family would have dinner at their house one night and everyone would bring dish. I hope that this would be a lot of fun. The friends we've made here are really great people and fun to be around.

Okay.....that's enough for now.......only other things that are going on are end of school for me. I've already completed my Algebra class and will take my final in Biology this week. I've signed up for Intermediate Algebra for summer, and am already trying to figure out what to take in the fall. Endless school fun. My allergies have been horrible. I feel my asthma coming back. Need to get a doctor's appointment to get on my medication again. Yuck.

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May 05, 2007
Whee! We got a WII!

Hello! Thought I would do a quick post before my entry on the front page disappears. Not much to report. I am still working both my "regular" job as well as helping out in Fresno with my parent's business. Mom actually decided to take the weekend off, which was a great idea. After working straight for almost 3 weeks, I think she and I were both really tired. We've decided that I would just focus my attention on some of the "HR" type things for awhile, so we can get some of the basics done. The company grew so quickly and the laws in California have changed so drastically, especially as it pertains to smaller companies. So what else????

I have not been great about food or exercise the last couple of weeks. I need to get refocused, now that I've had a weekend to rest. I decided that I would go to work early, early and come home early in order to go to the gym with the family. I'm hoping that will help me a little more. I hate showering and getting ready at the gym. We'll try it for a week to see what happens. Needless to say, I've probably gained weight, although have been afraid to get on the scale.

I received a nice little bonus from work, along with my annual review and increase this month. Good deal! We got a much needed new car stereo and speakers for my car (need it with all the time I spend in the car!), a new steam cleaner and (surprise!) a Ninetendo Wii.

We had not planned to get the Wii, but when we went to our favorite family store, Gamestop, we casually asked if they had one, assuming they would say no as they usually do. This time, however, they said YES! Not only did they have the Wii, but they were having their special "buy 2, get one free" sale on used games. Woo-hoo! What a bargain! The kids were SO excited when they saw it. We had been trying to get a Wii since Christmas time so this was a long overdue surprise. We have spent a lot of time setting up our Mii's and cruising the system yesterday. We also played some games and had a little "family game night." It's a really cool system! A whole lot more interaction then just "mashing" buttons. You move the controller around to move the items or select the items on the screen. Even comes with "nunchunk" controls so you have a controller is each hand. One game even had you listen to the speaker in one controller while moving the character on the screen with the other controller.

What else, what else? We are trying to plan the birthday party for Keegan and Madeline. Keegan will be 9 on May 8th and Maddy will be 7 on May 9th. Hard to believe! We will probably have the party the weekend of the 19th. The kids, luckily have agreed on a Pokemon theme, so that's taken care of. We will also get a bounce house and set up several gaming stations for video games. In addition, we have a list of party games that we are planning to do. It should be fun, but I'm a little nervous about having all of the parents over. All great people, but with really nice homes. Our home is nice, but we do have 3 dogs, a cat, 3 kids and 2 parents who are not exactly "neat freaks."

Okay....that's probably enough! Later!

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