June 19, 2007
update from me....

Letís see, whatís been happening since my last post? Our social calendar has anxiously grown exponentially. Well, when you start with no social gatherings to many in a two week period, itís bound to happen!

Pool Time! Weíve had a couple of pool dates over at our friendsí home. Itís been lovely. They called last Tuesday or Wednesday for some pool time and then we went back on Friday. The kids are getting much better at swimming. Madeline is completely fearless, as long as she is wearing one of the vests. Sebastian doesnít use any flotation devices, but stays mostly in the shallow end. Keegan on the other hand, took a little while to warm up to the idea. The first Ĺ hour or so he had a vest and two kick boards to be safe. By the end of the first day, he was sans everything and jumping in to the shallow end. On Friday, he only used the vest when he decided to go into the deep end. What a trooper! After sitting and watching everyone else swimming I decided to take the plunge and get a bathing suit. Ugh! I have not bought a bathing suit since 1990. Imagine the funÖÖbut I did find out and ended up jumping in the pool on Friday. I canít even remember the last time I was in a pool, but it was fun. Actually thinking of adding it to my workout routine. Maybe go swimming once a week and do some laps. Okay, back to the partyÖ.so Friday night our friends had two other families over too. It was great fun. Pizza, beer and pool. Who could ask for more? The kids (all NINE of them!) had a great time swimming and playing with each other, while the adults enjoyed some pool time and sparkling conversation.

Farmers Market Saturday we got up and met some friends at the downtown Farmers Market. I am so glad that they moved this from Wednesday to Saturdays this year so I can go. This was our second time going and will probably head back there again this weekend. For under $40 we picked up a bag of Fuji Apples (so yummy!), a bag of mixed fruit (plumcots, apricots, and white nectarines), two small pies, croissant, and two drinks (coffee for me and green tea for John). Not to mention the fun we had shopping. I just really enjoy it. Unfortunately all of the fruit was all but eaten the following day. Didnít get nearly enough to feed 3 kids and 3 adultsÖ..will have to get more this Saturday.

City of Heroes They say the first part of recovery from addiction is to acknowledge that you are addicted. Hello, my name is Brie and Iím addicted to City of Heroes. Yes, itís true. I know there are those WoW fans (Larry and Cindi) but, CoH rocks! I now have 3 ďtoonsĒ on the server and was playing all weekend. It was double XP (experience, which is how your character gets stronger and gains more powers) weekend, so my latest toon, a defender (healing/electric), went from level 1 to level 27. Now, a lot of this had to do with some help from the SuperGroup that John and I both belong to, but it was great fun. Iíve gotten surprisingly pretty good (for me) and am gaining more and more knowledge from John and Sebastian (who also plays). The trouble now is I canít stop playing. I get home and I want to play. Played all weekend. Will probably play next weekend. Oh well, knowing me, my short attention span will kick in and Iíll stop playing. Plus summer school starts next week and Iíll only have 6 weeks to master intermediate algebra. Yikes!

I think thatís about it. Kids are doing good. Maddy is almost out of school and will be home soon with the boys. Itís getting hot now, which is always fun. Brody went to the groomers last week and got shaved down. There really was a tiny dog underneath that mop of fur. He looks a lot different, but so much cooler (temperature-wise). You can really see that he is the size of a Chihuahua, but with the looks of a Jack Russell Terrier. The only real thing poodle of him is the gobs and gobs of fur, except itís not poodle curly. Too funny. Hannah is settling right in and has now realized that she can be queen over the two boy pups. Last night she was chasing Jack. Funniest thing watching this 150 pound Dane run away from this 10 pound miniature dachshund. Brody just sat back and watched the show.

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June 07, 2007
busy times...

Well, I havenít posted in some time. Guess thereís just not been that much to say? No, just busy. Since my last post we have been running non-stop, it feels like.

Memorial Day weekend started really on Friday as I was able to work from home, which is always nice. I actually find I get a lot accomplished when I donít have constant interruptions of people coming into my office. Saturday we spent at John Sr.ís place, picking cherries and seeing how the vegetable garden was doing. It was fun. I really appreciate the fact that we can go out there, get pounds of cherries and then see that cherries are $6.99 a pound at the store. Makes me happy! Sunday we had a birthday party to attend for one of Madelineís classmates. She had a great time, but I think was tired from the day before. Monday was our day of rest. We just sat at home and played video games and relaxed, which was nice. John made his excellent hamburgers for dinner that night.

The following week was a whirlwind of activity. We had school activities for all three kids. Keegan had his play, in which he played a tour guide for a solar system tour. He did GREAT! Lots of lines to remember, but never once forgot them. Even tossed in a few ad-libs! John and the kids saw the play on Wednesday and I went on Thursday. Also on Thursday was Madelineís open house. Her class performed several songs on stage with the other 1st graders. Such talented kids! Also on Thursday, both Keegan and Sebastian had their end of year parties. John was running from school to school. Very busy day! We ended up eating pizza at 8:00 PM that night. Whew!

Friday my parents from San Diego came in for a visit for the weekend. It was really nice to see them and I think the kids had a good time. We watched movies, went to the farmers market and played video games. Great fun. Johnís dad and his wife came up for dinner on Saturday. John and I made two batches of paella, which was so yummy! Sunday took the parents to the airport and rested the remainder of the day. And then started the week up again on Monday.

Tuesday was my birthday. My co-workers bought flower and others decorated my office. When I got home, there was another bouquet awaiting from my parents in Fresno. John made two cakes (one chocolate and the other strawberry) and we had KFC for dinner. Opened my cards and found $100 from Penny, which was nice. All in all a pretty uneventful birthday. Looking forward to this weekend to rest and relax!

A couple of new things in our home:

Hannah Banana Ė Hannah is an 11 month old miniature dachshund (for those doxie fans, sheís a chocolate-red brindle). I know, I know, so soon after loosing Emma. But, we started looking for a dog for Penny, who was really attached to Emma. Found Hannah, started talking to her owner and found that she was unable to keep her because her son was in and out of the hospital. Hannah was left alone a lot and she wanted to find a home where she would be around people and kids. As I was finalizing the arrangements, John talked to his mom who said she didnít want a dog. Doh! By this time I was committed and ready to get this beautiful dachshund. So we did. She fits in perfectly. Great personality, gets along with the other two boys.

New Laptop Ė Woo-hoo. After months of talking about it, finally invested in a home laptop. This will enable Sebastian to do his school work with John in a more interactive environment. In addition, we were able to put World of Warcraft and City of Heroes on it. I started playing COH on Tuesday. Itís a cool game, but not sure how much Iíll play. Right now, more or less playing because John and Sebastian play.

This post is long, so I shall end it here :)

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