July 09, 2007
old post.....forgot

This is an old post from last week, I never put up....

I really want to keep these posts up, but itís hard when there just isnít that much exciting going on. Life is good, what can I say? So, hereís some a rundown of a few things happening around these partsÖ..

School: Schoolís out for summer! Well, at least for a month for Maddy. Her last day was this week. I took Monday off and helped out at the end of year picnic. It was hot, but great fun. She has a really great class and we all had a good time. There was Frisbee, soccer, bean bag, a small pool and a few other stations that we went through. There were about 8 kids in the group that I and another parent supervised. Maddyís end of year assembly was Tuesday and now sheís done! So now all three are home and enjoying their break. Playing video games, watching TV, and hanging out. Very cool! My summer class started this week, so I am not out for summer. I am taking Intermediate Algebra. Canít tell you how much I dislike math, but itís got to be done. Took Algebra last semester, intermediate this semester and will take statistics in the fall and should be done with math for awhile, at least. Need to take them all in a row, otherwise Iíll forget everything!

The dogs are cracking me up. Hannah has fit right in and watching her and Brody running around is hilarious. They got at full speed down the hall, circle the ottoman and then shoot off back down the hall. Hannah will chase Brody and then Brody will chase Hannah. Itís just too funny. When Jack gets involved, it gets interesting. Heís such a great dog. Totally tries to play at Brody and Hannahís level. Even when Hannah is chasing Jack, heís just ďgallopingĒ a little instead a full on sprint, so she can keep up with him. When he wants them to jump all over him, he lays down and letís them go to town. When heís done, he just stands up and walks away. I was concerned that Jack and Hannah would bond too much and leave Jack out of the loop, but they all play together. Now, if I can just get them to stop playing at 6:00 AM in the morning on the weekends, I would be thrilled. Not a great way to wake up to have two 10 pound dogs jumping all over you, only quickly to be followed by a 150 pound dog trying to get in on the action. The other thing, too, is the Brody has taken to biting me when I get home and donít immediately pick him up. He does his best Jack Russell jumping and if I donít pick him up, he jumps up and nips at my upper leg. He DEMANDS attention.

Work: Work is good. Busy, but good. Iíve really gotten into a groove and am enjoying it thus far. Have some big projects that I am working on, including new handbook, policy revisions and safety program review, so itís all ďfun stuff.Ē I know a lot of people would not consider writing policies as ďfunĒ but, hey, itís my thing. The commute really has not been horrible. Iíve now, based on some recommendation, have a nice little drive. Still takes about an hour and twenty minutes, but itís nice. I listen to my iPod (both podcasts and music) and wind down from work.

City of Heroes: So, as I stated in my last post, my newest obsession is CoH, a MMORPG. It is so fun and I have found, that even with school, I am still playing every day. Crazy. I never thought I would enjoy a game this much, but it really is fun. I think my favorite part of it is the socializing with people from all over the place. Iíve played with folks from Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts, and CaliforniaÖ.everywhere! We chat not only about the game, but also life, in general. I find that if Iím on a team that is not chatty or communicating, I donít like it as much. Iíve now got 4 ďtoonsĒ (characters) and am quite happy with them!

I think thatís about all there is to say. This weekend we are going to see Ratatouille. We see all Pixar movies opening day. Itís a family tradition! Saturday we have a birthday party for our friendsí kids (4 years old and the big ONE year old!). It should be fun. Kind of honored that they are including us in their ďclose friends and familyĒ circle. Sunday we are planning on going to Fresno to see my family and pick up some bedroom furniture. Thatís all dependent upon whether or not the pink-eye that the kids are passing around goes away or not. Started with Keegan, went to Maddy and now to Sebastian. Ugh! Germ mongersÖ.

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