September 07, 2007
busy times....

Wow…..what a month September has been already, and it’s only the 7th! Our blissfully quiet weekends of lounging about and doing nothing are over, at least temporarily. School is back in full swing, along with all the fun of running around, meetings, calls from concerned teachers and, of course, homework. So what’s going on with the Silveria’s? Here’s a brief rundown:

VEHICLES – As most of you know, we have two older cars. John’s “kid mobile” was a ’99 Dodge Durango and my commuter car a ’93 Honda Civic. So we’ve been discussing for some time who should get a new car. John, as his Durango is a gas guzzler and is getting old? Or me, as my Civic is older (albeit a Honda!) and I do drive a lot (150 miles a day). That question was solved when I found a great ’04 Honda Pilot at the local Honda dealer. It has “the works!” Seats 8 (in a pinch), leather interior, DVD player, and many other fine features that we weren’t looking for, but are happy to have! Yes, I said have. We test drove this wonderful vehicle and purchased it on Monday. No regrets! We got a great deal, and more importantly, everyone is happy with the purchase. Of course, as luck would have it, my Civic decided to poop out on me on Thursday. Ugh! We think it’s either the timing belt or fuel pump. Either way, an expensive repair. Can’t complain too much, though. It’s got almost 175k miles on it and it got me all the way home before it decided to die. What a good car! Luckily, I had been talking to someone at work who has two (yes 2) Honda Insights and may sell me one. It’s a 2001 Insight with only 36k miles on and would make a great little commuter car. He’s letting me “test drive” it for a little while, to decide if I like it. At least I have transportation until we can get the Civic fixed. Yay!

SCHOOL & KIDS – School is in full swing! Kids all seem to be adjusting fine with their new classes. Keegan, in particular, is doing remarkably well. From the kid he was last year to the kid he is this year, it’s quite a change. Don’t have to argue with him too much about going to school or doing his homework. He seems to actually be enjoying school! We’ve only had one panicked call from his teacher so far. Woo-hoo! Madeline, on the other hand, is struggling. She’s doing great educationally, even going to get re-valuated for the GATE program. The problem is behavior. She’s been caught in a big ticket scandal of lies and deceit. Okay, not that big, but big enough to prompt her teacher to send an e-mail about Maddie’s lying. Not good. In addition, she’s started to complain of aches and pains all the time to her teacher and the school secretary. We are not sure how to handle that and are trying to work through it with her. But, really, she’s always been a bit of a “drama queen” and this is just another extension of her flair. This to shall pass. She’s still got the same group of friends that she’s had since Kindergarten, for the most part, so it’s really nice. Sebastian is doing well. The school assigns him things, and then I also assign him projects. Some of the stuff he does online, others are textbooks. This year he has also started taking a couple of onsite classes. Thursday was his first drum lesson, science class and computer class. Next week he will start his math, yearbook and home economics. The classes are about an hour long each. John drives him out there, drops him off and then picks him up when he’s done. It’s a great way for him to socialize with other kids and learn from other teachers. He still hangs out with his friends from the last school he attended, and our house has become “the” hang out spot. The last couple of weekends, his friend has stayed over and hung out. It’s nice to be the cool house!

This is already a long post, so I will close now. We have 2 parties this weekend and 2 parties next weekend. Our social calendar is definitely active this month!

Posted by Brie at 01:52 PM