November 28, 2003

the friday five

1. Do you like to shop? Why or why not? I'm not much for shopping, but I like buying. That is to say I don't like just going out to stores to look. I like to go to stores and know full well that if I see anything I want I'm going to get it.

2. What was the last thing you purchased? X2: X-men United. Blockbuster is running this great deal where if you trade-in a DVD that they can resell as used you can buy a new copy of most new releases for $12.99. I traded in my copy of X-men since I had purchased X-men 1.5 to get X2.

3. Do you prefer shopping online or at an actual store? Why? I do like shopping online. I like searching through E-bay looking for things. I also like searching through Fight DIVX for good DVD deals. I also browse through CDNow and Amazon, which is the same company now, but do to a bad experience I won't buy from them. Living out in the boonies shopping online is a necessity.

4. Did you get an allowance as a child? How much was it? I got allowance as far back as I can remember. I think it started in the $3-5 range in the mid 70's and was as much as $20 buy the time I was in High School. I was a latch key kid so my sister and I had to do the majority of work around the house.

5. What was the last thing you regret purchasing? I can't think of anything right now. I tend to make well informed purchases and since it takes 45 minutes to get to the nearest mall I am not prone to just go out buy and something impulsively. I did buy a Bissel "Green Machine" carpet/floor cleaner on the recommendation of the service guy at a vaccum cleaner shop a few years ago and have never been happy with it. I'm going to have to buy another Bissel upright steam cleaner since the "green machine" does not clean carpeting as well as I need it to.

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November 21, 2003

the friday five

1. List five things you'd like to accomplish by the end of the year.

1) I'd like to lose some weight.
2) clean the garage out.
3) get some shelving for our office.
4) have a great Christmas.
5) get more motivated.

2. List five people you've lost contact with that you'd like to hear from again. There is only 3. I've been in contact with others.

1) Darren Silveira (Barker)
2) Eric Knight
3) Robert "Woody" Woodson

3. List five things you'd like to learn how to do.

1) Play piano
2) Play guitar
3) Be calmer
4) Ski
5) Fly like Superman

4. List five things you'd do if you won the lottery (no limit).

1) buy a house that would fit all my family and friends along with a staff to take care of it.
2) Get my mother the best medical help
3) Take my family on a long vacation to Disney World
4) Make it so my wife never had to work again
5) build a recording studio

5. List five things you do that help you relax.

1) Have "relations" with my wife
2) Take a jacuzzi bath
3) Meditate
4) Play with my kids
5) Play video games

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November 19, 2003
Older and wiser??

I want to thank everyone who called, sent a card, or sent me email to wish me a happy birthday. Almost all of you did and that means so much to me. Thanks!

So now I'm 36. It reminds me of something I heard on TV recently. Christina Applegate said a friend told here that 40 is the new 30. I have to agree with that. 30 was no big deal to me, but I definitely already feel some anxiety that I'm now closing in on 40. I've gained almost 10 pounds since living here (for a total gain of 30 since I turned 33 and I'm starting to worry that if I don't get this under control it will start to have an adverse effect on my health. Hopefully everything will calm down around here right after Christmas and the family can sign-up at the YMCA and start working out and swimming. brie also wants us to try to South Beach Diet

My mom is visiting for my birthday, she'll be here until Friday or Saturday. She took us out to a wonderful dinner at Joe's Crab Shack followed by a trip to Best Buy where her birthday gift to me was SSX3 for the Gamecube, Brie and the kids got me the Duran Duran Singles Box Set, and we got Finding Nemo for the whole family. We have been in talks with my Mom to have her move back in with us. It looks like it will be happening around next June. She isn't able to take care of herself the way she should and we feel her mental and physical health have taken a turn for the worse since she moved out 2 years ago. She did warn us that if she moved in this time it would be for the rest of her life, but I assured her we would get her a place of her own when we buy a house with enough land to build it next to us.

Thursday we have a tour of the SECEP (Autism) class at Windsor Elementary. Sebastian is having a terrible time staying organised and functioning to his full ability in his Science class and since it has always been one of his favourite subjects we are beginning to worry that he could be doing so much better in a class that is designed to meet his challenges. It will be rough having him 20 miles away and more than likely having to take the bus.

We had our first parent/teacher conference for Keegan on Saturday and the teacher gushed over how well he was doing and how far he has come. He is at that age where he loves learning. Everything we do now is a learning lesson to him. He also has a tremendous gift for drawing. He draws all day long.

Maddy is still toying with a stuffy nose, it's been almost a month now. She really loves taking Keegan to class and I have to drag her out of there everyday. She finally made the decision this weekend that she was going to only wear panties, even when she is sleeping. That means we no longer have kids in diapers. Hooray! and yet it is a little sad. I know what they mean now when they say they grow up so fast. There are times when I wish we would have been able to 4 kids. But that would have never worked for us. Oh well, someday I'll have lots of grandkids! I'm hoping for at least 6 and maybe even 9! That will be great.

I was dissapointed that even with my Mom's visit Brie and I were not able to get out alone for anything other than a shopping trip to BJ's for groceries. Brie and I haven't been on a date in at least 6 months, which I think is the longest we've gone in our 17 years. BTW Halloween was the 17th anniversary of the day Brie and I met, though technically our relationship didn't begin until January, it was the day I first laid my eyes on her and said "that is the kind of woman I could marry".

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November 07, 2003

the friday five

1. What food do you like that most people hate? I've grown fond of Uni (sea urchin). loved pickled pigs feet as a kid, and still like sardines.

2. What food do you hate that most people love? I don't like pork bacon. I've grown so accustomed to Turkey Bacon real bacon makes me ill.

3. What famous person, whom many people may find attractive, is most unappealing to you? Oh, there is a whole slew. Mainly because I don't find anything below a size 10 attractive. In particular, anyone Johnny Depp has been involved with, all the girls on Friends.

4. What famous person, whom many people may find unappealing, do you find attractive? There have only been a few famous people I've found attractive. Isabella Rossilini. Kim Novak, and Geri Haliwell (when she was still Ginger Spice).

5. What popular trend baffles you? can't think of any. I'm so out of the loop on trends and those I do know about I tend to understand there attraction. I;ve never understood cigar smoking or drugs.

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