June 14, 2004
Now that I have something to report

I didn't do a Weekend Update last week because I really didn't have much to report. Now I have quite a few things to comment on.

First off, Brie and I finished the kids' playset this weekend and I've put up a new photo page in the photo gallery area.

Zoe was spayed last week. She is recovering well. Jack is up next.

The boys finished school last week. Keegan got an award for getting all 3's and 4's in his final 9 weeks. Sebastian doesn't get graded on that kind of scale, but he did extremely well. This summer I'm going to try and keep them doing some work. I want them to write and read twenty minutes a day (at least) and I'm going to try and keep their video game playing under control. Now that they have their playset they've already started going outside a lot more. We went to the YMCA yesterday to see about swim classes. It's going to cost us $140 to become members (sign-up fee and first months dues) after that it's only $42 a month. They have two pools, a great Gym for Brie and I, and lots of activities for the kids to be involved with. I look forward to having the money to join! On a similar note Maddy started taking Gymnastics at the local Gymnastics center. She absolutely loves it.

Tomorrow I have traffic court. I received a speeding ticket and since it's my first in 10 years and the only one in Virginia I'm hoping I can go to traffic school to keep it off my record. I was speeding, though only because I was being tailgated and got boxed in. The speed limits and speed traps out here are just like the movie "Smokey and the Bandit".

This summer is shaping up to be busy just like I thought it would. I actually am looking forward to it though. The kids are finally at an age where they are starting to get involved with the world outside our door and even though that means I'm officially entering into my "Taxi Dad" stage having them get out there and see what they like is going to be a great adventure.

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June 03, 2004

I don't really have anything to report this week, I guess that's good news for me. Memorial Day weekend we laid low. We took a trip out to the Pet Supplies "Plus" and Target, but only to get a few necessities. I BBQ'd some chicken kabobs that turned out pretty tasty. Overall it was a long overdue clean-up the house watch a few movies kind of holliday weekend. We did pick-up a couple of Manx cats that we are taking over the foster care of for PACC. They are beautiful cats, even if they have no tails, and very loving. They show no fear towards the canine members of the house and hold their own quite well.

Coming up this weekend we have tickets to see "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" on opening day and most importantly, Brie turns 36 on Saturday. Come October 31st I will have known her for of her life officially. Other than the movie we don't have any big plans. Next week Zoe goes in for her spay and two weeks later Jack gets neutered. We are looking into obedience training (taking each one seperately). Lastly, we think starting Monday, Maddy is going to be taking gymnastic lessons at the brand new gymnastic center in Windsor. So I should have more interesting things to report in a couple weeks .

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