November 22, 2004

I've been doing better than most in making new posts to my blog, but I felt the pressure to make one again since so many others have.

My birthday was loverly. First the family went to Joe's Crab Shack in Greenbriar for dinner as my mom's treat. The service was painfully slow as it always is, the food was just ok, but I still had fun because I like going there and watching the servers dance in the aisles. After that was a trip to Best Buy. I got "SSX: Tricky" for the Xbox... yeah yeah I know.. I already have it for the Gamecube.. couldn't be helped. It is my favourite game and the Xbox version has slightly improved lighting effects AND hours and hours of DVD content the Gamecube version doesn't have. I also got "Mario Vs Donkey Kong" for the GBA. It's a fun little puzzle game. I like it a lot. Lastly, I got the 2-DVD Depeche Mode "Devotional" package. That's the tour we met them on and I absolutely love the staging for the show. They did a great job bringing it to DVD. That purchase when compared to the Duran Duran DVD releases and my less than stellar opinion of Astronaut has made me have to finally face the fact that I'm really over Duran Duran. Depeche Mode has been much kinder to me as a fan.

On my actual birthday Brie and I went on a double date with Michelle and Brian to Pisces in Suffolk. It's a very cool little Seafood ~ Steak ~ Raw Bar that is not what you would expect out here in the stix. We gorged ourselves on Oysters-in-the-half-shell and 2 bottles of Merdian Shiraz. Then we went down the street to Baron's Pub for some more drinks, but there was this typical blues based bar bland playing to loud for us to talk so we called it a night. They got me a bottle of Polish Potato vodka.. can't wait to try it out!

There is more to post. The kids in swim classes, Sebastian getting Foot, Hand, and mouth disease. Our plans for the holiday(s) but that will all have to wait. For now I must go make Tamale Pie for dinner!

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November 17, 2004

Compiled from websites I had been running since 1995/6 this site initially didn't house anything more than the Emax and Emax II User's Group stuff, some information on my band, and lists of things we owned. It's about time I start looking into adding much more content. I've got thousands of pictures to scan, hours of music demos to convert to MP3.

I've been wanting to create some kind of regular feature. I miss the "Friday Five" and "This or That", but that would mean a restructure of the home page. Something for the new year I imagine.

Though I haven't added a link from the home page yet, yesterday my sister was given her own blog. Sherry's Journey Into Nite

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November 15, 2004
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November 01, 2004
busy busy busy

We were very busy last week. To begin with Brie has worked two Saturdays in a row now. But on top of that we went to several Halloween events and I chaperoned a school field trip for Sebastian.

Thursday night the Franklin Downtown Association had their Trick or Treating event with most of the local businesses staying open from 5-6 so that all the kids could come down. Franklin was devasted by Hurricane Floyd in 1999 and not all the business are rebuilt yet, but it is a beautiful old fashioned "Main Street USA" downtown area. There were lots of kids there. We met up with Michelle from PACC and her husband Brian and their son Isaak who is Maddy's age. Maddy and Isaak get along famously and are quite the couple. After we were done we popped into Fred's Restaraunt for some dessert and to waste some time before we headed off to the YMCA. From 7-9 the YMCA had their Halloween Party. Once again there was a lot of children and they danced and got to play games for candy. There was a haunted house as well, but Keegan and I decided we didn't want to do that so everyone else went instead.

Friday, Sebastian and I followed the buses for his 5th grade Social Studies field trip to the Victory Center at Yorktown and then to Colonial Williamsburg. The reason we couldn't ride on the bus with everyone else is a long story, but it has to do with Sebastian's new SECEP teacher not being as involved with the standard 5th grade classes (which Sebastian now attends for Science and Social Studies) as she should be. We had a great time on the trip and I learned a lot about the Civil War. I look forward to going back and being able to spend more time than was allowed with the guided tour. Colonial Williamsburg is very cool. It's a very large area of what used to be the states capitol all restored to how it originally was. We were only allowed to look at the buildings from the outside. I'd like to go back and buy the pass that allows you to actually go inside some homes and talk to the people who live there and stay in character. Overall I'd say Sebastian and I walked about 10 miles. We were both wiped out when we got home.

Saturday night we went to the Sedley Women's Club Halloween event at the volunteer fire department. It doesn't get much smaller than that. The kids got to play more games for candy and Sebastian won a cake in the cakewalk. It was a delicious butter pecan bunt cake.. too good for words. Without ever going "trick or treating" the kids actually got more candy than last year. The events we went to helped us feel more a part of our community as well. Brie and I noticed the difference between last year and this year as just about everywhere we went we now knew people.

I took lots of picture so hopefully I should have a photo album up soon.

Sunday was football day and we managed to stay home all day.

Today I had to go down to the local newspaper to be interviewed for a feature article on "Paws In the Park", PACC's big event this Saturday. The weather has been gorgeous in the 70's with little humidity.

Tomorrow is election day. Don't forget to vote! I know we won't.

Some more stuff happening over the next couple of weeks inculding my birthday. So I'm sure I'll post more soon.

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