December 15, 2004
because someone has to keep up

I love Christmas! I love being a Santa and going out and buying gifts knowing they are going to make people happy! We pretty much finished our shopping last weekend and the kids are going to have a fabulous day. I actually wish the day would get here sooner. The kids have three more days of school left and then they will be all mine for two weeks. Is it odd that I actually look forward to having all three of them around for a couple weeks? I don't think so. Those TV talk shows and reality shows may lead people to believe that most families are seriously dysfunctional, but I know better. Every family has their quirks, but overall I think most parents love having their children around - even when they are behaving badly.

I wish iPods weren't so darn expensive. That is the only thing I really, really want for Christmas and the cost is just way beyond our budgetary restrictions. Now that I am consistently going to the YMCA three days a week I really need something to focus on while on the CrossTrainer. Watching Regis & Kelly and then Dr. Phil is not doing it for me. I'll probably have to settle for a portable CD player that can play MP3 CDs as well. We already are using what my Mom gave us for Christmas, but I'm not going to talk about it here until after Christmas.

Brie and I will not be exchanging gifts the Christmas. I was so focused on paying off some bills that I accidently spent most of the money we had alotted for gifts. However, having yet another bill paid off is a great Christmas gift in itself. With our stock wildly fluctuating we wonder when we will get the money we need to get ourselves out of most of our debt once and for all so that we can start focusing on saving for a new car and ultimately buying this house in 2 more years.

The weather has finally shifted. The first Arctic Front is moving through as we speak. Which means that even though the sun is out and skies are clear it's on 27 right now which has a "real feel" of 19 taking in the wind chill. The weather people are saing we might even get some snowflurries, though not enough to have a white Christmas.

They continue to test Keegan out at school. Sebastian has been sick a lot more recently. After enduring hand, foot, and mouth disease he came down with an ear infection and had to miss his last two swim classes. Speaking of which they all graduated from swim class and will begin their next session in January. They all love swimming even if Maddy is the only one who doesn't mind going off the diving board.

Brie is working and working and working. From eight to at least six-thirty, six days a week. It's quite possible she is looking forward to Christmas more than any of us so that she can have some time off, though I think it's just going to be a three-day weekend. Sometime during the kids winter break I want to make sure to get them down to Nauticus. It's our local aquarium and Keegan is so obsessed with fishes right now I want to make sure he gets to see their presentation on things that light-up/glow under the sea.

As for me, well I have to give this house a thorough cleaning today. Tomorrow the Dads (Brian, John F., and myself) are getting together for a play date. Not a play date for our kids either. Though all our kids will be getting together, the three of us our going to play PS2, X-box, and Gamecube since it's official we are all video game nerds!

Time to get Keegan to school then it's off to the YMCA!

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December 01, 2004
where was I

I closed my last post with: "There is more to post. The kids in swim classes, Sebastian getting Foot, Hand, and Mouth disease. Our plans for the holiday(s) but that will all have to wait. For now I must go make Tamale Pie for dinner!"

So let's pick up from there. The three kids have all been attending swim class at the YMCA. They are having a great time and I'm sure they will want to further their lessons in the new year. On a similar note I've been going to the "Y" every M, W, & F and spending about 45 minutes getting some aeorbic excercise. At first I was doing the treadmill, but this week I switched to the crosstraining machine. It gives me more of a workout in a shorter time. In 45 minutes I can get the equivelant to a 5 mile walk, whereas on the treadmill is was only about 2 miles. The main thing I've learned so far is the importance of stretching. My calves get so tight it feels like they are going to snap. I really need to adjust my eating habits to help with the weightloss, but this is the wrong time of year for that! :)

Sebastian's school seems to be a hotbed for childhood viruses. 2 weeks ago he had complained to me that his tongue hurt. Sure enough he had a sore on it. I figured he had bit himself. Two days later I'm picking him up from school because his mouth is hurting him and he's developed sores on his hands and feet. Turns out there has been a outbreak of the highly contagious "Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease". The thing that really gets me is that everyone is so nonchalant about it. I called his pediatrician and asked if I should bring him in and they responded, why would you do that? It's highly contagious and there is nothing you can do except let it run it's course. Spparently it's a very common viral infection out here and within a week he was back to normal. Luckily, no one else in the house came down with it!

Thanksgiving was simple and wonderful. All the food was delicious. It was our second annual "Thanksgiving in Pajamas"!

That's it for now!

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