January 07, 2005

What will 2005 and hold for us here at Casa De Silveria .. I really wish I could know sometimes. For years now life has seemed like we are just moving from one major transition to another. Not little transitions either. I don't mind correcting course every now and again to keep everything on track, what I've grown wary of is the sharp turns and sudden need to take on big changes. So what am I talking about, nothing I hope. I am very happy and there is something in our lives that might or might not be threatening to thwart my feeling that things are cruising along at a nice clip. I'm not much for just sailing with the tide, I need to feel I know where this ship is sailing even if it is only a few years at a time.

ok whatever, I must focus on the now!

We had a great Christmas and New Year's Eve was nice and simple. Brie posted most of the details so I won't rehash it.

I've started off the year right by not only going to the YMCA consisently so far, but I've actually increased the number of days and the intensity of my workouts. Today I did 5.50 miles in one hour on the Cross-Training machine without going over my target heart rate. This is such a milestone for me. I can honestly say that I have seen the results of my cardio as just a month ago I could only get about 4.25 done in the same time, but at even less resistance than the machine now puts me through. I've also started trying to survive 5 minutes on the Stairmaster. That machine is evil! Soon I will start to add in some weight training as well mainly focusing on my abs and chest. The only thing that is baffeling me is I'm not losing any weight (if anything I've gained). Hopefully the switch to 4/5 days a week will help me start seeing some weight loss to go with the obvious increase in my endurance.

Posted by John at 06:07 PM