March 30, 2005
long time no post

It's been such a long time since I've posted and so many things have happened. I've just been too overwhelmed to put it all into words. By now those of you close to us know that we are in the process of relocating cross-country again. This time it's Tracy, CA that we will call home. I relocated the kids, my mother and two cats on Easter Sunday. The trip was smooth and pretty easy to manage. The kids and even cats did great. The only issue to arise is that apparently someone at the airport stole our Playstation 2, memory card, and a controller out of my suitcase. Others have already informed me that I should have never packed them in a suitcase, but it never dawned on me that someone would steal something out of a suitcase, I've never had anything stolen like that. Luckily they didn't get the games or the second controller so all we have to do is get another new PS2.

I've been really busy. I shouldn't even be sitting here writing this. I have so much to do before the movers arrive tomorrow morning to pack.

I'll leave Monday morning for the obligatory drive with the dogs and I am so excited to get to Tracy. I saw the house and it's simply amazing. By far the nicest house we have ever lived in. If it was on a lot the size of this house in Virginia I'd be set for life. It does have a nice sized backyard. Mainly do to the fact the the two houses behind us are actually in a cul-de-sac so their backyard are unusually big as well. There is even all the hook-ups needed for a hot tub. something to shoot for in the future!

There are so many other things I could talk about .... my new PSP, our new computer, the trip to Washington D.C., the frustration of trying to a home for Zoe (which I did). Maybe later. This may be my last post until I get everything set-up in Tracy.

Posted by John at 01:20 PM