July 30, 2005
I know, I know

I really need to get back into the swing posting on a regular basis, not that anyone else is.

Bethany was suppose to come and stay for a couple of months and get a job over the summer. Instead she turned her trip into a 3 week vacation. I am not too happy about that. But I was glad to be able to spend some time with her.

I spend most of my weekdays doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the house, and playing City of Heroes. I can go on and on about how much I love playing City of Heroes, it's very much what all those people who were addicted to EverCrack .. erm EverQuest and now World of Warcraft go through. CoH is based in a comic book world of super heroes and arch-villains. You team with other players and complete missions of varying difficulty and as you play your hero gains new super powers. It is very much what I like about online games; the interaction with others, you can even form Super Groups. I'm in one called the Dragon Legion and there is a core group of us that team together regularly. It's all very fun. If you play my primary hero's name is Infinite Zen and I play on the Inifinity server. Send me a tell to let me know you read this.

We went and saw Steven Page, lead singer of Barenaked Ladies, on Tuesday in Moutain View. He did an in-store appearance at Tower Record. He played a 30 minute acoustic set and then signed autographs. It was excellent, he was funny and warm, played equal amounts of "The Vanity Project", his side project with Stephen Duffy (yes, the one of Duran Duran infamy) and BNL songs. Totally pulled a loser move and forgot our camera, but he did sign a couple CDs and Sebastian's shirt.

Today I am taking Bethany to see my dad and tomorrow we are taking the clan to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. As you may know from other posts we love aquariums, we were members of the one in Virginia and hope to become members at this one again. We were members before moving away in 1999.

Next week Bethany goes back to San Diego, plus Sebastian and Maddy start school. Keegan still has another 2 weeks before he begins.

I'm sure there are other things I haven't mentioned, like the sight of Brie and I roller skating at Sloan's 10th birthday party, but that is becasue it is really the job of her dad and step-mom to be posting that stuff, not just complaining that no one is posting :P

Posted by John at 10:28 AM