August 25, 2005
what can I say

I'd love to say that my life has been filled with interesting events and I had so much to share, but I don't. My life is filled with getting in the car every three hours then makng dinner. In between trips to the schools and cooking I clean and play CoH. Nothing much else to report.

I will take this time to talk about a change in my personality I realized today. I use to be a pretty turn the cheek kinda guy, but recently I've become quite intolerate to the ignorance around me and I refuse to just smile and walk away. Two cases in point, this morning I'm in the office of Sebastian and Maddy's school checking Sebastian in because he was home ill yesterday (bad allergy day) Keegan, who does not attend this school, goes and jumps on a seat built into a corner and I don't notice becasue I'm dealing with a secretary. Suddenly another of the office workers comes out and snaps in a vile sneer "get off that seat", I snapped. Who the hell does this woman think she is to get nasty with one of my children! I take my sunglasses off and stare her in the eye and in that low rumbling power tone I take to make people realize I am a lot bigger than they are I say "you never speak to my children that way", it took her quite by surprise and she looked clearly miffed, but seem to know I was not the person to mess with. She tried to save face in front of the other people there by insinuating that I should have stopped him, but I nipped that in the bud by stating that I could not see him from where I was, but that by no means gave her the right to be rude to my son. Should Keegan have been up there?absolutely not, but that isn't the issue. First, she could have said to me politely, could you have your son please not do that (or brought it to my attention since I clearly couldn't see him) or she could have said to Keegan in a nice friendly manner to please get down. I swear if she back talked to me I would have verbally levelled her into a pile of goo. I just have no tolerance anymore.

Second situation on the same day... I have just picked up Maddy and Sebastian from school. I have my mom with me so I am parked in the Handicap parking spot near Maddy's class (relax,my mom has a Handicap Plaque) right as I go to leave this insane woman (I'll leave racial sterotypes out) pulls up directly behind me, turns on her hazards and gets out of her car. Like hell woman! I yell out the window so loud all the other parents and perhaps school children hear me "what do you think you are doing!" I mean c'mon you don't block a car into a parking space because you are running late to pick up your kid. Suck it up! Find a parking space or at the least make sure you aren't blocking someone in. I ended up having to wiggle the Durango back and forth in order to pull out and leave.

It's at moments like those that I miss Virginia. For all you might think about the South and hicks or rednecks, everyone was always polite and well-mannered. People thought about the consequences of their actions on other people.

Posted by John at 07:48 PM