September 20, 2005
we can't help you until you can't see anymore

not much to report about myself lately so here is a post about my mom.

My mom was going throught tests to get laser eye surgery through Kaiser Permanente and everything was going smoothly until on her final test, with an opthamalogist I believe, she was told that she could not get the surgery because she had cataracts. What she was told was that the surgery would be pretty useless at this point, but the good news is that once she goes blind from the cataracts she can then have them removed and have the vision corrected at the same time and it would be covered by Social Security! This is the genious of our government: We will not help you until you suffer some.

Posted by John at 11:24 PM
September 02, 2005
From Cait

I'm going to do my best to relay the conversation I had with Cait yesterday morning, but we were cut short and I was on my cell phone at the time.

Her father evacuated New Orleans on Sunday and made it safely to Atlanta. Of course, he waited until this last minute and it took him 24 hours to get there. Yesterday he left Atlanta for Vegas where he will stay with Cait and her mother until he can return home.

As far as she knows his home is ok. She described New Orleans as being like a T.V. dinner tray, not like a bowl, and that his home happened to be in an area that was higher up. She said she had not seen any footage on the news that looked like his neighborhood and in fact believed that she had seen the hospital near his home and the water was only up to the stairs to the hospital so that was a good sign. I believe she said her maternal grandmother's house was not far from her dad's and it too was on high ground. I do not remember her saying whether or not she had evacuated, but I assume she had since Cait did not sound too worried.

As far as the rest of her family, she made it sound as if most lived outside of New Orleans proper and mentioned that though they were having problems keeping power and had no phone service she believed that they were all ok. At that point she received a phone call having to do with the situation and had to go.

I know she apprecitates all your thoughts and prayers for her family and if when I get more information from her I'll make sure to relay it here.

Posted by John at 06:43 PM