October 02, 2005
just when you think you are stable

Got a call this morning. 6 months before our lease is up and the owner has decided he needs to sell the house. He would prefer to sell it immediately, but realizes legally he can't. Now we are faced with a difficult situation. They are offering us the chance to buy the house for an amazing price since we already live here and certainly Brie and I want nothing more than to buy this house. But we aren't really sure that will be possible, we have no money saved for a down-payment, we weren't planning to buy a house for another 5 years, and our credit is at best marginal. I am going to call the loan people tomorrow and see what they think, if there is even a possability we could buy. If not we have to move again, and I can not stress how much we do not want to move. We will have to find a house in our area as we absolutely will not transfer the kids to yet another new school.

Posted by John at 01:02 PM