March 25, 2006
not another one

Sebastian's birthday party went well. We had 14 guests. It was a nice family affair. We still owe Sebastian a mini-golf trip with two of his friends, but the weather has been so unpredictable we have been hesitant to pick a day in advance. Last night Brie and I went out to Sushi with another couple. I think it's the first time since leaving Virginia Brie and I went out with a new couple. We had a great time. They too are from the Bay Area and recently transplanted over the hill so that they could buy a home.

Not much to report other than that. My sister and Cait have both been going through some serious medical stuff, but it's not my place to post about their lives so I won't. Maybe they will take the opportunity to use their blogs as a place to share and reflect on what they are going through.

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March 13, 2006
Are You Ready For This??

Hard to believe, it's March and this is my first post of 2006. I could lie and say it was my intention to make a quarterly report, but it's not true. I have no real reason for not posting, lots has happened; even though most has just been day to day normality for the Silveria family.

January - first thing that comes to mind is my Dad and Sean's birthdays. We didn't do anything for either in January. Which leads us to February. Truly for us this is when the year begins. It's when we typically finally recover from the financial disasters of the holidays and celebrate the most importnant day in our families history, namely our wedding anniversary. This year was number SIXTEEN! woohoo This year we decided to return to our roots and spend a night at the Pruneyard Inn in Campbell, CA. To add to the festivities Sean also finally got around to having a birthday party so while we planned to spend a romantic weekend alone we also had the pleasure of swinging by Sean's to give him our birthday wishes.

We left early Saturday morning and headed straight for the mall. Brie and I both needed new outfits to go out to dinner in. We found some great stuff at Macy's Mens for me, a new line of clothing called Cubavera, think Tommy Bahama with a Cuban flair and made from linen instead of silk. We had planned a dinner at the Fish Market, but when we got there it was not the nice, romantic place we remembered so we ended up driving around for an hour before we decided on the California Cafe in Los Gatos. We had a fabulous meal, then headed over to sean for a couple houes before heaqding back to the Inn for a night of no kids and no dogs!, Sunday we had breakfast at the Los gatos Cafe and I ate so much food I didn't eat again for 24 hours!

March is upon us now and Sebastian and Maddy are off track. Also Sebastian's birthday is tis week so look for a post in the near future.

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