June 18, 2006

life moves on a such a fast pace, lots of relatively small things have happened, but nothing major. Some highlights:

First Brie's parents gave us their leather sofa and loveseat. This meant we rearranged the furniture in our house, last year when we moved in we had one old sectional not in the best of shape, now we have 2 sectionals, and a sofa set and all the rooms in our house are now filled. Then last week my Dad offered us his dining room set. The set is simply gorgeous and now we have a dining room rable that when fully exapanded seats 10 people. We are so ready for the holidays. Next on our list is definitely a new mattress.

School coming to an end and we have 6 weeks to pack in a lot. We already have tickets to Great America and we are planning a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Lots of movies have come out that I want to see. Still on my list are X-men and Superman, we did see Cars. We have seen every Pixar movie on opening day and this eas no exception. Not their best movie, but you simply can't go wrong with a Pixar film.

We've celebrated everyone's birthdays except mine since March. Brie got a new Nintendo DS Lite and loves it, she plays handheld video games more than anyone in the family.

Healthwise everyone has been ok with the exception of brie being diagnosed as now having Asthma. She has to keep a close watch on that to keep it under control.

That's it for now. As I have said before I will try to update more often. I have lots of new pictures to get up on the site and recently I've been thinking a whole new design for the site is in order. We'll see ..

Posted by John at 02:08 PM