February 26, 2007
Our Anniversary

Brie and I finally got a chance to celebrate our 17th Anniversary on Saturday. It was a week overdue, but that is because we didn't want to deal with all the people out celebrating Valentine's Day last weekend. We weren't able to agree on anything big to celebrate so we ended up having a nice night out with Sushi at Bluefin for dinner and then going to see "Music and Lyrics". Afterwards we spent sometime in Barnes and Noble, something we like to do without the kids. I got another Douglas Coupland novel, an older one from 1992 called "Shampoo Planet". I was disappointed with his last book, "Jpod", but he is the author of one of my all-time favourite books "Microserfs".

It's hard to believe it's been 17 years. This is a big one for me because it was the last one my parents celebrated and that has always weighed heavily on my mind. Because I only saw my parents fight twice in their 17 years of marraige it always appeared to me as if their divorce came out of nowhere. I know now that there was a lot of things that had been going on for years and I've done my best to make sure that Brie and I avoid the mistakes they made, but there is this little voice inside my head that says this is a big year for marriages.

Probably our greatest strength is that we are best friends. Like most relationships we've had our ups and downs, but the fact that my trust and faith in Brie has never waivered has made getting through the rough patches possible. Early in our relationship I was a horrible boyfriend. I was prone to staying out all night partying with my friends with not so much as a phone call to let her know where I was or that I was safe (ahh the days before cell phones). I was very selfish, of course, I was also just a teenager so that was really par for the course. It was because Brie and I were such great friends and I could share anything with her that I started to become a better person, I wanted to be the friend to her that she was to me.

We've also been very fortunate that time and tide allowed us to grow together and not apart. One thing we discussed at dinner was just how we got to the place we are now, we both look back at 20 years together and have no regrets. Sure, we've made what we can now see were bad decisions, but we really had no better choices at the time. A good example is that we both feel our decision to move to San Diego in 1999 was a very bad one. We took on too much, too fast with purchasing our first expensive new car, our first house, and having our third child all within months then add to that being in a completely unfamiliar enviroment, it's amazing we didn't implode. Those three years in San Diego seem very dark to us and it's probably one of the reasons why we've never gone back even though we know we should to see our family that still live there. Everytime we talk about it we both get very apprehensive.

Looking to the future I see, well.. to be honest I do my best to not look to the future anymore. I can accept that I don't even no what tomorrow will hold so I'm going to get through that first. Sure we like to make plans, but plans are meant to be changed and nothing is written in stone, all I can hope is that each day I can look at Brie and feel as lucky as I did the day I married her.

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February 24, 2007
Site Status

As far as I can tell all the pages for the new site are redesigned now with the exception of the "Friends" page and the page about my music which I'm probably not going to bother changing since it always had a different style based around the Oberheim OB-8 synth.

Almost every section of the site underwent revision. Mostly to bring things inline with what is current with our family.

The original "Photo Gallery" pages have been replaced with a link to our new Gallery site. Gallery is a free web-based photo album management system offered through Dreamhost. We are planning to put every photo we have into it eventually, including scanning the 40 years of photos we have. It is password protected so contact me if you want access to it.

I've replaced our "CD Collection" pages with a new "iTunes Library" page. I found a little app that takes all the data in our iTunes Library and converts it to html in a few seconds and since all our CDs get converted to MP3 and we are increasingly buying our music directly from iTunes and not getting the CD at all it's a better indicator of what is in our collection and if you look at the playlists at the bottom you can see what stuff out of the over 40Gb of music we have that we actually listen to on a regular basis.

The page originaly about our long history with dogs now only contains info on our current pets and George who will always be mine in my head.

I've updated the Google Search tool as well.

I'll try to write a "getting up to speed" post this weekend.

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February 21, 2007
Topics For Further Discussion

With the new site getting ready to launch here are a few topics I'll be discussing in the near future.

Our 17th Anniversary (if we ever celebrate it properly)

My new 30Gb iPod Video

Sebastian getting ready to start homeschooling and the saga that lead us to finally decide this was our best option

Our new puppy

What we've been up to in general.

So I'll talk at you soon.....

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Long Overdue Site Update

I'm about halfway through a site update. All new style. We are slimming down the content as well, after all who really cares what DVDs we have in our collection. With no one using their blogs anymore we're just going to feature ours on the homepage and then link to whatever site our friends and family use for their personal stuff like myspace and linked-in pages. The blogs will actually remain there for archive purposes and you are free to still use them, we just aren't linking to them from the homepage anymore. If you already have a site you use and want us to link to it let me know.

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