June 23, 2007

This past week was Madeline's last full week of school. Thank heaven's! I'm ready for a break from the daily routine as much as the kids are. Last week I chaperoned her classes trip to the Stockton Children's Museum. We had lots of fun, even though it's not a very nice Children's Museum compared to the one in San Jose and Chesepeake, Va. To make matters worse we didn't even have a charter bus, we had to ride in a non-air conditioned yellow school bus.

As Brie mentioned we spent several days over at our friends house having pool parties with a few other families we are friends with. Unfortuantely, Keegan got an eye infection as did our friend's daughter so now I have to administer antibiotics to his eyes twice a day. It then spread to Maddy then lastly to Sebastian. Luckily there was enough antibiotics to go around.

6/29 - Brie went in early to work today so she could come home early and we could continue our tradition of seeing Pixar's newest movie opening day. Ratatouille was a fantastic movie. I like it far better than Cars which I feel has some really lagging moments. It was another Brad Bird feature, he is the guy behind Iron Giant and, of course, The Incredibles, which is probably my favourite Pixar film outside the original Toy Story. This was also a mjor milestone as it was the first movie we didn't have to coerce Keegan into seeing, he was actually excited to go and told me repeatedly during the movie that he really liked it.

6/30 - We went to another friend's house this weekend. Their son was turning one and their middle child 4. We had a great time though we were the only non-spanish speaking family there so we felt a little out of place here and there. Our friend's are from Peru and we were given the chance to try Peruvian food. They made 2 dishes one was a pork and potato kind of stew that was served over rice and it was delicious. The second dish was a chicken dish that is served over potatoes. Though I liked the flavor (it had peanut butter in it) the texture made me a little uneasy. It was thick and creamy. Thick and Creamy when it comes to chicken .. hmm maybe if it was a little hotter when I sat down to eat it would have been ok.

7/1 - Went to Fresno today to pick-up some bedroom furniture. Ultimately we will put this new furniture in Maddy's room then put the stuff in Maddy's room down in my Mom's since she laready has the headboard. We got to see Brian and Danelle's new home and it is gorgeous. There is a 33k sq ft home across the street for sale, if only Brie and I could afford that I'd move to Fresno in a heartbeat. I really am beginning to worry that Brie and I will never get a second chance at owning our own home.

Other than that the last couple of weeks have been filled with Brie playing City of Heroes with me and my friends Dave and Deb who live in Florida. She got addicted to it pretty muc instantly and is now showing all teh symptoms I did when i first started playing (putting playing before sleep, dreaming in game context scenarios, looking for time to play when you shouldn't be). I actually haven't been playing with her a lot, I'm really good and mixed with really impatient I tend to get bossy and as she noted Saturday night I'm not a very good "team player" with her. Instead I play WoW. My Blood Elf Warlock is a level 68 which means I am really close to getting to the final level of 70 where I can finally start earning the money for a Flying Mount (I know I know all this geeky game speak). I really like the Guild Cindi and Larry got me into and I really like that Cindi and I get a chance to talk a couple times a week because of it.

I am so looking forward to this week, Brie works Monday, then from home on Tuesday, then she is off the rest of the week. I am so much happier when she is around. I know it may seem odd but after nearly 21 year together I still love being with more than anything else I do. Just having her in the house makes me feel happier. Only thing that would make me happier if that time was spent naked and in the throws of passion more often. Oh well, one can wish!

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June 10, 2007
picking up from where Brie left off

So as Brie said we got a new laptop mainly to help Sebastian and I with his school work, but we made sure it was decked out so it could perform as a second full computer. We upgraded to a bigger hard drive and the Nvidia 7900 Go video card. It has a gorgeous 17" widescreen monitor. It so great that after a few days of using it I found going back to my standard definition CRT on the main computer with it's max resolution of 1024x768 was not acceptable so I ordered os a 19" widescreen LCD monitor from Dell it should arrive this week.
Friday night we had our first potluck party with some of the other families we are friends with through Madeline. The thing I like the most is we all get together and our kids are involved. Brie drank a little too much (Cape Cods) and paid the price for it. We had such a great time, all the other families are so nice and fun to be around. Our next one is July 7th and this one is in walking distance, all the families live within a mile of us so that makes it even better.

Hannah Bannana is working out so well, we only have two real issues right now. First of all, she did not come house trained, she came pad trained so she knows to use those pet pads and because she is actually trained on those potty training has been nearly impossible. Secondly, although her and Brody play a lot with each other she is stll very wary of Jack when it comes to playing. I don't blame her, she is smaller than Brody (we are talking really small) and she is a Dachsund so not built for hard play. She does like Jack she just walks away any time he tries to play with her.

Besides the potlucks and end of school year activities I have for Maddy ( a picnic and a field trip among them) we also are needing to take a trip to Fresno so we are pretty busy for the next month or so. After that I'll have 1 month without the kids is school and I am so looking forward to that.

I did go to the dentist a week ago and the tooth I had a root canal on 17 years ago is finally so brittle that I have to have it removed by an oral surgeon. Then I need to be fitted for two bridges, one to replace that tooth and another to replace the tooth I am missing on the other side from before I had my braces.

With my 40 coming up I also need to get down and have a full physical it's been 7 years so it's time.

As far as my 40th right now the plan is Las Vegas. A couple other couples we know are interested. Nothing fancy or crazy, just a few couples catching a show, playing some blackjack and enjoying time together. Not sure how it will pan out though so we'll see.

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June 01, 2007
identity theft

Just a quick post to let everyone know that today we looked at our checkbook to see a charge for $320 to a Ralph's in Long Beach. We aren't sure who, when, or how but someone stole the information for Brie's Visa Check Card and tried to go on a shopping trip. With our budget the way it is they only managed to get that one shopping spree paid for, their second, a $200+ trip to a CVS Pharmacy in Long Beach was denied by our bank. I filled out the forms for the fraud investigation and as a precaution Brie has cancelled all her credit cards as well as the check card.

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