July 10, 2007
it was just like being 20

This weekend was the second of our parties with our circle of friends that are also parents of kids at Madeline's school. It was suppose to be a "Poker Party" and indeed our great hosts did have the table, chips, and cards all ready for us. Unfortunately, one of the guests (not a Silveria mind you, but no names will be used) drank one too many shots of Tequilla and had to be taken home. I rode along to help and one of our hosts followed in his car, we only had a couple blocks to drive, but before we even got a block our friend starting vomitting and it wasn't pretty. When we finally made it to their house he was soaked in vomit and so his wife gave him the garden hose to rinse himself down (it was still 80 degrees) he didn't sober up much from the cold water, but he did see fit to squirt us with the hose a few times and by the time we got back to the party we looked like we had gotten into a tussel with a slip and slide. The next day Brie paid the price for taunting the Tequilla Gods and she herself had to spend time at the porcelain throne offering all her stomach had. All in all though we had a good time though there was a moment when I thought, I am almost 40 years old, and we are all adults here, but our behaviour seems more like that of a bunch of twenty year olds.

I went to see Transformers on 7/3. It was a "boys night out" and I went with my friend Albert, his two brothers, and a friend of theirs. We caught a showing at the Imax theater in Dublin and though it wasn't a "True Imax Experience" it was still fun to see it on such a huge screen. I really liked the movie and was quite impressed. Of course, being a Michael Bay film I didn't expect much and was suprised it was so compelling.

We also went to Fresno last weekend and saw Brie's brother's new house. It is a gorgeous brand new home. We picked up some furniture they had and delivered it to Brie's parents then we got to keep the furniture they were replacing. Our plan is to put Maddy's solid oak furniture in my Mom's room (she already has the headboard) then take the new stuff and give it to Maddy. Next time we have some extra money I think we are going to buy the boys a twin over full bunk bed set, their room is starting to get a little crowded for them.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brie's Nana in Kansas, she is having some medical issues and we all look forward to her getting well soon.

Posted by John at 12:44 AM