August 07, 2007
playing catch

It actually feels like it has been far longer than a month since I lasted posted. Madeline is back in school this week, she is a 2nd grader now, hard to believe. I picked up Sebastian's course curriculum for his 8th grade yeah, but he doesn't start until the 15th. Keegan starts soon as well, but er haven't heard a peep from his school.

We went to see my Dad and picked the fruits and vegetables from the garden we planted there. I was able to make a stuffed squash and we had fresh tomoatoes for a week. They are so much better than store bought.

Nothing really major to report. This month we are booking our trip to Vegas for my 40th Birthday in November. We are going to stay at Paris, but I can't remember the dates we chose off the top of my head. I think it's the SUnday - Wednesday after my actual birthday. We are probably going to send and Evite to all out friends, but I don't actually expect anyone to be there except Brie, Cait, and I just like last year.

I got hooked on Season Two of "Beauty and the Geek" luckily with Tivo I was able to watch the entire season in one sitting, man I love my Tivo! Speaking of which about a week and a half ago our HR20-700 from DirecTV shot sparks out at me and stopped working. The replacement unit they sent had a broken Tuner 2 so finally we got a third unit and it seems to work well, but it is a HR20-100s and not compatible with the Game Lounge feature we were subsrcibed too.. It was a big hassle and took me a couple hours on the phone, but in the end I did get credit for my time and loss of features.

That's about it, other than that we attended a borthday party with Maddy and have been spending out freetime playing CoH with our Supergroup. WE are all on Ventrilo now so it's like one big conference call while we play, filled with adult humour and other shenanigans. Fun Stuff!

Posted by John at 11:04 PM