October 13, 2007
Congratulations Madeline

Big news worth sharing.

Madeline was accepted into the GATE Program and will be switching to the same school as Keegan at the end of October. I reported back in May that Madeline had been tested for GATE, but was found to be borderline according to the test results. At that time they had expressed interest in retesting her and we passed, figuring it wasn't that big a deal and it really wasn't worth pulling her out of her current school. So far this school year school has been going extremely well, she really doesn't need to put in much effort in to stay ahead of her class so once again they called and suggested testing her again. This time they found her to be a great candidate for the GATE program, but we took a few days discussing the matter with Maddy. The social aspects of Keegan's classes has been less than desirable. There really isn't any socializing among the students and Madeline is a very social child. So we let her decide what she wanted to do, at first she said to stay where she is, but after she thought about it she decided being able to go to the same school as Keegan and be on the same school year schedule as both of her brothers was a better idea. It will be nice that soon I'll have 2 kids going to one school and on one schedule, that will make my life a lot less compliacted, but I will miss our friends at the old school. Hopefully our social events will continue.

Posted by John at 04:12 PM