January 02, 2008
New Year, new post

Welcome to 2008, I guess I should bring it in by putting 2007 to rest.

It was a huge year for us and very busy. For the most part it was a blur and that is why I don't tend to post much anymore. We are so busy with what some people would call the mundane things in life, but those are the things that bring us the most joy. NYE was a good example of that. We went over to the Ortiz's house for their amazing NYE bash and had a great time drinking, visiting with our friends, but around 11:30 all we wanted to do was come home and bring in the New Year with our family, alone. In 21 years Lotus (as I seem to be calling her more and more these days) and I have only gone out a couple times on NYE. It's just never been something we like doing.

2007 saw us let go of the past in a lot of ways and renew ourselves and our bonds with our family. Next month marks 18 years of marriage and all I can say is, being with Lotus is now, more than ever, my greatest source of strength, laughter, love, and passion. If I could have one wish I can honestly say that it would be to be able to spend even more time with her and my kids.

So what will 2008 have in store for us, I have no idea (and that's a good thing), but whatever it is you can bet the Silveria Family will get through it together. Brie is turning 40, our kids are turning 14, 10, and 8. We have made a vow to start an actual Savings Account! We already have plans to start heading to San Diego on a more regular basis. We drove there for an early Christmas and found that the drive was really not that bad. We have plans to spend Thanksgiving in Mexico (we've been invited for the last 10 years or so). We also hope to start clearing out the clutter from our past (garage sale and ebay here I come) and start leading a more simple and healthier life. If all goes well by the end of this year we will have built a foundation to once again buy are own house.

So thank you to all that were part of 2007, I can honestly say it was one of our best years so far!

Posted by John at 01:08 AM