February 19, 2008
Our Marriage is now an adult!

Happy 18th Anniversary to Brie and I!

I stopped and started this post several times because I wasn't quite sure what angle I wanted to approach it from. Should it be a recap? an ode to love? goofy joke (I passed the idea by Brie I had about making a April Fools post about us getting a divorce, she didn't see the humour in it LOL) SO how about a little bit of everything.

Most people know the story of how Brie and I met. In short she walked into the room, was introduced to me, walked out, and I turned to my friends and said that is the kinda of woman I could marry, it took all of 10 minutes and I knew. To this day when I look into Brie's eyes it is like I am looking into the whole of the universe, our connection is my proof that soulmates truly are possible.

That is not to say we have not had some pretty hefty ups and downs, but they rarely were between us as much as they were things thrown at us by life that we had to overcome. We don't dwell on them though, and we don't find the need to share the bad times with anyone but each other usually. I think some people in our lives often think we live in our own pollyanna world and that Brie and I don't know what the real world is like. Perhaps because they don't know the struggles we have faced, or maybe it's because the way Brie and I handled them as a team makes obstacles look trivial.

We have faced the loss of the only home we ever owned, financial destruction on a couple of occasions, come to terms with having a child with Asperger's Syndrome, we take care of an elderly parent, and a couple other more serious events that Brie and I keep strictly to ourselves. But we don't dwell on these things, as rough as life can be, there are always people suffering far greater than we ever will, and they may just have to do it alone. Everyday we are aware that it's the small things that make life together so fantastic. Our kids successes, our individual successes, and the fact that we have a relationship we both have complete faith in far outweigh the adversities we have faced.

I think it took me longer than Brie to get to where we are today. I made some pretty serious mistakes early in our relationship and I tested her on several occasions because I was scared. To this day I struggle with my impulses of jealousy. Not of other men or anything like that, typically of her successes and opportunities. I haven't always been the most supportive person, but I think she would agree that in the last few years I have made huge strides in changing the kind of partner I am.

So happy anniversary to us!

Posted by John at 09:39 AM