July 27, 2008
Moving forward

In the end we got lucky. Keegan's Chicken Pox were fairly minor and he never got all itchy or miserable, just a bit cranky from being trapped in CHO's isolation rooms for 4 days. Brie and I traded off night stays this time and the kids were very understanding of the situation and offered all the help they could.

Speaking of Sebastian and Maddy. I have to give them a lot of credit for being so understanding. Keegan has been the primary focus of everyone, as he needs to be, but Sebastian and Maddy have been very giving and with only minor outbreak of neediness they have both been a huge support for him.

I'm not really sure where we stand now with the Remicade treatments. I believe they will begin again this week. I'm hoping the Chicken Pox will be the worse side-effect from him immune system being surpressed. We have to be realisitic though. Keegan is going to be needing these treatements every 8 weeks for the rest of his life and he's going to be needing to take various pills at least twice a day as well. We already beginning to think about home-schooling. It has worked out so well for Sebastian and I can't help but think eventually Keegan is going to be better off at home as well. He definitely will finish elementary school in the GATE program, but from there we'll have to decide if public middle school is going to be a good place for him or not.

I want to take the time to thank Cait, Cindi, Sean, and Jeff who took the time to contact us and offer support. It's nice to know that even with little direct contact our friends are still out there wishing the best for our family.

Congratulations also go out to Brie's little brother Bryan and his wife Danelle on the birth of their first child, a boy. I can't wait to meet him.

Lastly with Brie's new position and raise we are very excited to announce we are about $7,000 away from being able to purchase our own home here in Tracy. At this point it's really just a race to make sure we get that 7k before we get evicted. We still have no absolute confirmation, but the mail and visits to our door are a sure sign that our landlord is slipping closer and closer to being in foreclosure and he has not responded to my repeated requests to let us know if he is losing the house so we can be prepared. On our own it will take Brie and I at least 4 or 5 months to save that much money and I sincerely doubt we have that much time, but there is nothing we can do but continue to save and hope for the best.

If we've learned anything in the past couple months it's that positive thoughts keep you going forward and to wake up each day and try to keep moving along. It would be so easy for us to just put our hands up and surrender, and there are moments when that is all I want to do, go back to bed and surrender. But with the words of support from our family and friends I know I just have to suck it up and carry on. We will get through this and soon sitting in our own home we will look back and be thankful that these times have made us a stronger family.

Posted by John at 10:40 PM
July 17, 2008
back in the hospital

Keegan is back in the hospital. Things were going well, he had gained all his weight back, plus more, he was very happy, trying new foods and doing really well on his medicines.

Last Thursday, Keegan had his first Remicade treatment. Before treatment they advised us if he showed any signs of an infection to let them know immediately. We really didn't expect any side-effects, they are unusual for the first treatment and usually don't appear until the 2nd or 3rd if they do at all. Yesterday morning Keegan showed me a couple spots on his abdomen that looked like bug bites. I didn't think much of them so washed the sheets on his bed figuring they were bedbugs or something of that nature. Then this morning I took a look and they had multiplied and spread to his scalp. I immediately figured they were Chicken Pox and took him to the doctor to get it confirmed. After all he had been immunized against Chicken Pox.

The doctor confirmed and wrote a prescription for Acyclovare (spelling) tablets, but we also called the Specialist at CHO to verify this was the right course of action on a child with a now supressed immune system. At first they said that was fine, to keep a close eye on it that it doesn't get worse, and that they would confirm with the Infectious Disease Dept. to make sure.

About an hour later I got a call that he needed to come to the hospital immediately. Chicken Pox in someone with a suppressed immune system, if not treated effectively could progress into Shingles and that could lead to permanent nerve damage. They felt it was best to have him treated in the hospital so they could manage the treatment better and make sure it doesn't progress.

So far he doesn't itch, and they are mainly on his abdomen and scalp. Over the next couple days they should peak and then start to subside, hopefully we can be back home Sunday evening.

Posted by John at 05:18 PM