August 07, 2008
Remicade Round II and Housing Troubles

As I write Brie, Keegan, and I are sitting in the hospital as he receives his second round of Remicade treatment. Things got off to a bumpy start when about 15 minutes into his treatment he sat up and said his throat hurt when he was trying to breathe and he began to turn red and his lips started to swell and turn purple. Soon after he threw-up (he gave us warning so we had a bucket) and then he felt better. He didn't develop a fever and went to sleep. They took him off the Remicade for about thirty minutes and he's been on it for about an hour now and everything is going fine. Once the I.V. stops we'll have to wait for about a half-hour to make sure no more reactions occur then we will head home at the peak of bay area traffic (ugh!).

We now know for sure that our landlord has had foreclosure paperwork filed with San Joaquin County. We don't know how long that gives us before we are evicted, but in the mean time we have decided not to pay rent anymore. We will use that money to pay-off our debts asap since they seems to be the only thing in our way to purchase our own home at this point. This is really, really scary for Brie and I. We have entered a void space where we can't predict what is going to happen. Will we be able to pay-off our debts in time to find a house, and get through Escrow. Or will we be forced to try and find a Rental for our large family and be stuck in a year lease. What will the housing market be like in a year, will the market recover and we will no longer be able to afford the house we need because of rising prices. Ugh! We are trying to keep all this away from Keegan as he gets really stressed when he hears we have to move and even more stressed when we tell him we might not be able to buy a permanent home so we might have to find a temporary home for another year. He is very excited at the idea of buying our own home. This puts more pressure on us, because stress is not a good thing for him, a weakened immune system + stress = sick kid.

Time to go he's waking up!

Posted by John at 03:37 PM