October 19, 2008

I should mention I have already set-up a new phone number and I am not having our current number forwarded, we get to many solicitations, random hang-ups and other annoying calls. If you need our new address and number just pop me an email.

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I can't feel my toes

Day one of the real work on the house began today. After months of indecision we finally bought our 2 colors for the main living areas downstairs. We went with a really dark brown (and I mean dark.. not chocolate, but dark chocolate leather) and a color called "First Anniversary" .. sorry it's past midnight and I've been in paint fumes for hours so my brain isn't exactly firing on all cylinders so I can't remember the exact brown nor can I remember the paint company.. that info will come with pictures.

You enter the house into a small Foyer and on your right is a Dining/Living room combo. That's the room we painted the dark brown, the ceiling and the trim are the "First Anniversary" which is sort of a peanut butter/butterscotch (but not orange in any way). It's gorgeous (to us) and unlike anything I've ever seen anywhere. The Foyer will be the opposite, with the Anniversary as the wall color and the brown as the trim, though I think I will leave the ceiling white for now, at best it will be the same as the wall color. That color scheme will flow down the hall into main bathroom, and Family room. The entertainment alcove will be the dark brown and we already know a 46 to 50" plasma TV will be placed over the fireplace when prices drop either around Christmas or after the New Year. So that means we'll have to figure out how to fill that alcove. I wants a fish tank, but it would have to be like 400 gallons to fit in that space right, and that ain't happening.

The only other color we purchased is an Ice Blue for the upstairs bath which is being done in a Penguin theme. The downstairs bath will be a Safari/Giraffe theme more than likely.

We did buy a beautiful dark wood console table and large piece of wall art Buddhist themed for the Foyer from Pier One today as well.

I know the new music studio/office/media room (the 5th bedroom) is going to be a deep purple with gray accents, but not exactly which tones yet. The boys room is going to be something very special. The walls will probably be a neutral Taupe color, but Keegan has designed a series of graphic arcs that will be drawn on the wall and painted three different colors. Likely a black, red and blue (dark hues not primaries). With that gorgeous black full over full bunk bed we bought for them this year their room is going to be great looking (Keegan is so amazing with color and style and has really taken charge.

Our bedroom is going to be some shade of green .. most likely a lighter shade as we are planing it around having dark furniture, and want it to have a Zen feel.

We have no direction for the loft. We know it's going to have 3 or 4 TVs (we have them already) with the Wii, Xbox 360, and other video games hooked up to them, we know the family computer will be on a new desk in there. Brie has suggested a vibrant electric blue and I think bright greens .. we want it to be bright, sunny, and a fun play area for the kids and grown-ups alike since our bedroom is going to be strictly off limits and though the PS3 is going downstairs that's mainly so the new TV has a Blue Ray DVD player (and this house has the wiring for surround sound built in, so yay!)

The kitchen .. well .. there is little we want to do. The counters and back-splashes are already this amazing black granite, and the appliances are all stainless steel - we'll need a new refrigerator since ours is white, which is a shame since ours isn't even 4 years old. The rest of it it is white maple cabinets and there isn't much wall space left, so basically just removing the wallpaper trim around the ceiling and choosing a paint to color. Maybe we'll go red again, I have really enjoyed our red kitchen here.

Almost 1 am and I have to up to go to Ikea tomorrow (need to furnish the loft). I've taken to only sleeping 6 or so ours nowadays.. Have I mentioned in a post that I've lost 25 pounds since the start of the year as well? I'm down to about 220. Only 30 pounds more to get to my dream weight, but that isn't ever happening, we eat out far too much and I'm not giving up my thrice weekly Taco Bell for anyone!

Lots more to do, we want to have the walls painted and everything clean by Friday, we want to rent the truck and move the big furniture next weekend. The slowly go through our crap in this house and only take over what we need, the rest is being trashed or donated.

Still not much feeling in my right little toe, that means I pinched a nerve somewhere in my back, Cait taught me that at Disneyland.

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October 16, 2008
now we have to move!

We funded today and the recording will be done first thing tomorrow morning. So we are now officially homeowners again.

Now the physical work begins, we have so much to do and it's all very exciting. I'll post some before and after shots so everyone can see what the house looked like all off-white walled and empty and then all colorful and furnished. Plus we have some pretty great ideas so I want you all to see what design we come up with for the rooms.

Till then I'm off to shop!

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October 07, 2008
almost there

After the results of the Appraisal were submitted (our house was appraised at slightly more than we offered, so that was great) the Underwriter sent us our formal "Commitment Letter". What that meant was, we were guaranteed our loan as long as we met the conditions placed in the letter. Today we met the last of the conditions with the re-inspection of the appraise required repair issues. In the end all the appraiser asked for was to have us install porch light fixtures for the side and back porches. The original ones seemed to have been removed by the previous owner and they just left the wires exposed to the elements. Brie and I picked out some nice ones and I installed them myself.

So at this point we are expecting to sign the title for house within 1 week and start moving in. Very excited!

Our big problem now is we are having serious second thoughts about the interior wall colors. Our first desire was to go with a Chocolate Sparkle as our dark color and then a Mulled Spice as the light main wall color. We were going to paint the dining room/living room area the chocolate then the entry way through the family room the Mulled Spice. But after sitting with the colors a couple weeks we feel the Mulled Spice is too orange and the house would feel too Autumnal almost Halloween-ish if we used that pallet. We still love the idea of the Chocolate, it has a very warm, rich feel - very luxurious, but that's just the dining/living room. The other color is actually the majority of the downstairs including the family room where we would spend most of our time. I deplore white walls, always have and a family like ours the wear and tear on the walls is too obvious when they are so light. The fingerprints, smudges, and dog path leave the lower part or the walls too dingy. SO we need a good color that can hide the dinge, be easy to clean, and matches the look we want. We have been researching Mediterranean. It's a look we both love when it's not too ornate. We both like Asian, Modern, and Ecclectic. In the end we want a house that doesn't reflect any one style of design, but reflects us.

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