November 10, 2008
First post from our new house

Greetings from our new home! We aren't fully in yet, but this should be the final week. I'd say we are about 75% moved. All the important stuff is here but I still need to move some smaller stuff and, of course, the dreaded cleaning.

Brie and I have never been so bruised. We rented a moving truck on Friday and the two of us moved all the furniture ourselves. It was a lot harder than expected so we ended up taking two days to do it. The absolute worse piece was the refrigerator we keep out in the garage. There was a point where I was sure it was going to fall and kill me as we tried to get it down the ramp in the rain. Our couch is about 5 inches too big for the area we have for it. It's not a huge issue but a new couch is definitely on the list now.

The boys room is so huge. We were able to set the bunk beds up as two individual full size beds. It's pretty amazing. They were designed to do that and so you remove a few pieces switch a couple things around and wah-la! You have two matching real full beds.

The bedroom set we ordered was delivered with one well used nightstand and a scratch on a dresser drawer. I was not amused and they had to completely reorder the nightstand. The pub table also came with a broken chair, but they had that replaced fast.

Like I said still 25% to go, but the important thing is we are able to live here now. We unpacked all the important things so we aren't living out of boxes. Like I just have to remember what Brie said to me, this is all temporary, the work, the pain, but the house is ours so get it done and it will be in the past.

Posted by John at 09:04 AM