December 28, 2008
Time Flies

WoW! it's been 18 days since my last post and it feels like a week tops.

We had a great Christmas, as a family we got a PS3, with a few games and Wall-E on Blu-Ray DVD. The kids got things like new SD lites from their Nana and Grandpa, Maddy got a 7.1 megapixel camera (ahem it's over twice the power of ours!) They got some great new clothes, fun pajamas, lots of video games and a couple Neopet plushies.

Brie and I don't exchange gifts, we haven't since we first had kids. With the money we received from family this year we got me a new 120GB Ipod Classic, and Brie got my 30Gb. I'm loving it. I loved my 30Gb but it was always full, now I have room to spare. I can finally keep all my music, movies, and podcasts on my Ipod at once. A couple of my friends have commented on how they think that much space is too much, since it would take a couple weeks non-stop to listen to it all. But, I disagree. I mentioned a while back that music makes up a very big part of the fabric of my life and getting my first iPod made me realize how much I missed having it at all at my disposal. I've built up such a library and since I spend so much of my day in my car I listen to about 3 or 4 hours of music each day. Having my iPod is like having a photo album of my life with me at all times. I have music that reminds me of being a child: Disney songs, classic Beach Boys, Motown, Simon and Garfunkel, all the stuff my Mom and AM radio introduced me to. Of course, all the stuff from High School. Then all the stuff that reminds me of my life with Brie, my kids, and my friends (so much of the music I love ties me to the friends I had a certain points in my life). Then there is the fact that music puts me in certain frames of mind. A great song fills me up like a letter from a friend. This year a few songs stayed in my playlists more than others.

2008 Most Played

The Con by Teegan and Sara
Can I Get Get Get by Junior Senior
Spaceman - The Killers
Nine in the Afternoon by Panic At the Disco
11h30 by Danger
Walking on Air by Kerli
A&E by Goldfrapp

Those are just few off the top of my head that I place on almost any playlist I make.

As usual we have nothing planned for New Years. Last year we went to a friends house for a party but by 11pm we came home because we wanted to be with the kids. This year we will do our tradition of having an all appetizer dinner then probably stay in City of Heroes to bring in the New Year with our Supergroup friends (most of live in Eastern timezones) and then with our kids.

Keegan has his next round of Remicade on 12/30.

I'll save the recap of 2008 for another post.

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December 10, 2008
Happy Holidays

Thanksgiving was spent in Fresno with Brie's family. We finally met our nephew, Bryson. The food and family was nice, but we love our home so much we couldn't wait to get back. On Saturday we had our own little T-Day meal. Originally it was to be just us, but we were wonderfully surprised when my Dad and Bonnie came up and joined us. Brie made a new dish this year, yam and pecan casserole. It basically tasted like pumpkin pecan pie, but I wasn't complaining since I am not a fan of yams.

Then we got an early jump on the holidays. We use to wait until after my mom's birthday, 12/12, to start decorating. But, we've never liked waiting that long so this year we started the day after Thanksgiving. We spent about $400 buying new decorations, a 9ft real tree, hallmark ornaments, bunch of new stuff for inside the house and penguin lights for the front path. The house looks so festive inside and out. All that is left to do is put the icicle lights on the house trim.

We had our house warming party this weekend. My sister came up from San Diego with my two nieces, Beth and Alex, we had a great time. We kept it pretty small, about 20 people in all. I drank raspberry then pomegranite (sp) Cosmos (Skyy vodka, yum!). It had been so long since I had drank more than a beer or two though I only ended up having about 6. We had way too much food. We bought 4 different platters of food from Costco. Each serves 20-25 people .. uhm that means we had enough food for 100 people.. that's ok, we actually didn't have too much left over and by yesterday it was pretty much all gone. We had every intention of taking pictures of all this, but our camera batteries all leaked and we didn't have any back-ups.

This weekend is our annual - Get All the Gifts In 24 Hours - run. Every year we plan and plan, then try to get it all done in one Friday night (after sushi and beer), followed up by Saturday morning. It means Brie and I can look forward to being mad at each other, bickering over our indecisiveness, and arguing over what to get. Christmas Joy!

On the horizon - Brie and I have vowed that next year we will get out to grown-up events more often. We are already working on plans to go see Phantom of the Opera with Tony and Marina and we want to go see Lion King when it gets into Sacramento in May. Our local theater puts on 4 or 5 plays a year so we want to subscribe and start seeing them as well. Overall we want to get back into having friends over for Saturday night get-togethers and we are way over do for a trip to Vegas. So I think that is a must for Brie's 41st birthday.

Now that things are settling I hope to make a new habit of posting more often as well. I always think I don't have much to write, then I sit down and realize how much has actually happened.

Happy Holidays!

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